Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

The Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Foundation kicked off their annual Random Acts of Kindness Week on Sunday, February 16th, 2020. Working to ‘make kindness the norm’ in school, at home, at work, and in the community, the RAK Foundation creates resources to promote kindness every day of the year. Random Acts of Kindness Week began as a way to intentionally recognize and celebrate this kindness, as well as highlight the benefits of practicing kindness on both social and individual levels. Since then, the reach and impact of RAK week have continued to grow, reminding people across the country to get out of their comfort zone and work together to incorporate kindness into their daily lives.

Making Kindness The Norm

Towards its mission of making kindness the norm, the RAK Foundation has invested much time and effort into the creation of resources to support its kind mission. Each day of RAK week, one of these kindness resources are featured, with additional suggestions on exciting new ways to explore them.

This year, the daily RAK week themes include kindness at school, kindness at home and kindness at work. And the resources available this year to support these concepts include:

  • A brand new ‘Neighborhood Kindness Challenge,’ filled with ideas, activities and prompts to help make kindness the norm at home and in the local community.
  • A free social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum with lesson plans that promote kindness at school and in the classroom.
  • A 12-month kindness calendar to promote kindness at work, filled with monthly themes, daily kindness suggestions, and team building activities towards cultivating a kinder culture in the workplace.

Become a RAKtivist

For those seeking ways to increase the role of kindness in their day to day lives, the RAK Foundation encourages you to fill out the RAKtivist application. As a RAKtivist, you become part of a global community, committed to using kindness as a way to effect positive change worldwide. Monthly kindness missions are sent to all RAKtivists, offering easy and fun ways to make a difference in the community. Facebook and social media groups offer RAKtivists a place to connect with like-minded individuals and get inspired. Not to mention RAKtivists have the opportunity to be featured on the official RAK Foundation’s social channels, simply by sharing their kind activities, ideas, and photos. 

Get Inspired

Whether you want to go all-in and join the RAKtivist community, or you simply want some inspiration, the RAK Foundation’s website is a great resource for all your kindness needs. Complete with touching videos, heartwarming quotes, uplifting blog articles, and kindness suggestions, the RAK Foundation has all the resources you need to make kindness your norm.

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