The Kindhumans Challenge

The Kindhumans Challenge is a social media campaign led by the Kindhumans brand, encouraging people to seek out creative ways to spell the word ‘kindness’. In exchange for each ‘kindness’ post, Kindhumans is donating 20 meals to those in need. 

What is Kindhumans?

Kindhumans is a brand on a mission to “unite and grow the community of kind humans around the world.” Created by Suzi and Justin Wilkenfeld, Kindhumans aims to “set a good example for their children by fostering a community of kindness, making it easy for everyone to consume responsibly, and always giving back.”

Toward their mission, the Kindhumans brand works to cultivate kindness within what they call their “‘Three Cs’ – community, commerce, and causes.” By encouraging kindness as a collective movement, instead of simply as an individual act, Kindhumans has built a culture that values education and awareness on how we impact each other. Be it through a smile, a conscious purchase, or a donation to something or someone in need, when done as a community, each small act leads to a massive impact. 

Kindhumans designed their shop with their ‘Three C’s’ in mind, offering sustainable products and merch that gives back while uniting Kindhumans across the globe. Filled with ‘ethically made, honest, and cruelty-free’ products that have been heavily vetted and approved by their team, the Kindhumans shop “makes it easy to find and buy planet-friendly products while supporting an important cause.” They even give back 3% of each sale to a cause of your choosing!

The Kindhumans Challenge

Led by the Kindhumans brand and fueled by a community committed to kindness, The Kindhumans Challenge is yet another initiative aimed towards making the world a better place. In hopes of increasing awareness around food scarcity while simultaneously raising funds for Feeding San Diego, the Kindhumans brand is donating 20 meals for each challenge entry received, with a goal of reaching 20,000 meals total!

How to Enter

Entering the Kindhumans challenge is easy. All you have to do is think up a creative way to spell out the word ‘KINDNESS’. Once complete, snap a photo of your creation, post it to social media, and pass on the inspiration by using the caption “For every #KindhumansChallenge posted, Kindhumans will donate 20 meals to Feeding San Diego” and tagging three friends. Finally, let Kindhumans in on your hard work by using hashtag #KindhumansChallenge, and tagging @kindhumans_movement and @feedingsandiego. Just like that, your entry is complete and 20 meals are on their way to those in need!

So far 3,660 meals have been donated and those numbers continue to rise with each new ‘KINDNESS’ post received! You can even watch the count in real-time on the Kindhumans website!

To Kindhumans and Kind Humans Everywhere…

As time goes on, the need for kindness becomes more and more apparent. Our planet needs it, our communities need it, and we need it! Seeing brands and businesses like Kindhumans take a stand for what is right reinforces what we know to be true already: that above all else, it is kindness that matters most. And so in closing, a giant thank you to Kindhumans and kind humans everywhere; that we may see them, be them, and inspire them!

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