501CTHREE Launched It’s Sixth Water Box on Skid Row in LA

501CTHREE recently teamed up with Homeless Health Care Los Angeles (HHCLA) and Kindhumans to launch their first Water Box in LA, located in the Skid Row community.

What is 501CTHREE?

501CTHREE is a nonprofit focused on implementing solutions for issues around energy, food, water, and shelter. Founders Jaden Smith and Drew FitzGerald are working to bring “attention to the solutions that will help build a cleaner, more sustainable and more hopeful future.”

At the top of the 501CTHREE list is to fight climate change with climate kindness. Their Water Box project is a step towards this goal. Designed as a solution to the water crisis in Flint Michigan, the Water Box project aimed to lessen the community and environmental burden that came with distributing millions of water bottles to the local population. 

The Water Box project offered a new way to distribute water resources, “one without the high cost, heavy logistics, and plastic waste of relying on single-use water bottles.” Since implementing the Water Box project, 501CTHREE has replaced 306,264 single-use plastic water bottles and distributed 38,283 gallons of safe drinking water, free of cost. 

The Skid Row Water Box

501CTHREE worked with HHCLA and Kindhumans to place their 6th and most recent Water Box installation at the ReFresh Spot in the Skid Row community of Los Angeles.

For those that don’t know, HHCLA is “a community-based organization that provides comprehensive behavioral health and holistic health care to address the unique challenges of people who are experiencing homelessness.” As part of their work within the community, HHCLA created the ReFresh Spot, a project that “provides Skid Row residents access to restrooms, showers, laundry, and phone charging with supportive services.”

Open seven days a week and accessible to anyone in the community, it only made sense to place 501CTHREE’s newest Water Box at HHCLAs ReFresh Spot, ensuring that Skid Row locals have access to clean, cold, and freshwater whenever they may need it. 

The ReFresh Spot Water Box was funded by Kindhumans, a brand on a mission to “celebrate the good in humanity by cultivating a community of kindness, conscious consumption, and always giving back.” Their work with 501CTHREE and HHCLA truly is bringing the Kindhumans mission to life. We can’t think of anything kinder or more environmentally conscious than ensuring that all people have access to basic necessities and sustainable resources like freshwater, without all the plastic!

In closing, we just want to say thank you to 501CTHREE, HHCLA, and Kindhumans for bringing such simple, yet necessary, forms of kindness to our local communities here in Southern California. Your work in Skid Row and beyond truly is making a difference and we’re looking forward to watching your impact grow!

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