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Boom Boom! Cards

Become an Agent of Altruism and perform secret missions of kindness using Boom Boom! Cards; pass the cards on to recruit other agents and spread kindness across the globe.

Dude Be Nice

An apparel company that makes cool clothes and cares a whole lot about making’ a difference.

Kindness Box

Send a little happiness and joy straight to your front porch to help spread some kindness.

Just Be Nice

Being nice makes you feel good, it makes other people feel good, and then good feelings can change the world.

Kind Snacks

Our focus is on making the world a little kinder, one snack and act at a time.

Grace and Kind

Grace and Kind

These tees encourage kindness, start conversations, and might even make the world a little kinder.


10% of each Glassybaby is donated to help people, animals, and the planet heal.

Peach’s Neet Feet

Bringing joy into the lives of children through personalized shoes, care packages and more.

Roxy Grace and Company

Wearable kindness since 2012.

Kindness Ninja

Every box comes with a unique Kindness Ninja Mission for each child to carry out.

Be Kind to One Another

Be Kind to One Another apparel and other products on the Ellen Degeneres Show Shop.

Fox and Trove

Fox and Trove

Graphic tees for kids and adults that prove spreading kindness, inspiring bravery and changing the world is super cool.

Choose To Be Nice

A global movement empowering meaningful interactions. Wear our gear and spread the Choose To Be Nice message!

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