Fall Into Kindness

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. The crisp air, the colorful leaves, the warm drinks and comfy sweaters… it’s all so cozy and wonderful! So we figured, what better way to enjoy the season than to spread a little fall ‘flavored’ kindness?! Fall into Kindness with these fun fall-themed ideas:


  • Rake it up. While the fall colors are beautiful, the leaves do pile up after a while. And raking them can become quite the hassle, especially for older folks. Why not surprise one of your elderly neighbors with a raked yard when they least expect it? Take advantage of some time while they are out and clean up their lawn. Then wait for the look of surprise and appreciation on their face when they return home and see a job well done!


  • Get spicy. Fall is the perfect time for all things spicy. Our personal favorite is a good old-fashioned spiced latte! The next time you make a pit stop at your favorite coffee shop, grab an extra seasonal latte for a friend! We’re willing to bet they’ll be nothing but smiles when they see you pull up with an extra drink in hand and even happier once they sneak a taste!


  • Mum’s the word. Everyone loves fresh flowers. And since fall flowers are in full swing right now, you’re sure to find an affordable bouquet of mums or marigolds at any local supermarket! So when you stop for your weekly grocery shopping trip, pick up a bouquet for a friend or loved one! You can set a date to spend some time together and surprise them then or just ring their doorbell and leave the flowers on the doorstep!


  • Bake something. This time of year always inspires us to get in the kitchen and get baking – preferably something pumpkin! Why not try out a new recipe and surprise your local first responders with some fall goodies? We’re sure these men and women would be so grateful for a snack during their long shifts spent keeping us all safe!


  • Give a treat. With Halloween around the corner, we’ve got a lot of treats on the horizon! If you’ve got kids, we’re willing to bet this is one of their favorite holidays. What’s not to love about going door to door, picking up candy along the way? That said, we’re challenging you to add a new element this year… instead of asking for treats, teach your kids to give treats! Load them up with goodies to give out to the neighborhood and send them on their way to experience the joy of giving! Make sure to give them time to share their stories of spreading kindness once everyone’s decompressing at home!


These are just a few fun ways to get festive and fall into kindness this season. We hope they warm your hearts the same as they have ours! Don’t forget to tag us on social and share your kindness ideas with us. We get our inspiration from you all! Until next time!

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