Lunch Lady Offers a Helping Hand to a Young Boy With Dwarfism

Julian Worsham is a six-year-old boy from Beaverton, Oregon who has dwarfism. Unfortunately, his school lacks accommodations for students his height, so the school’s lunch lady took matters into her own hands.

When Julian started at his school, his mother made sure to walk through and check for any potential problems he might face. Julian’s father told WHAS11, “He’s born into a world that just, in some ways, is not built for him.” However, she forgot to check the lunchroom, which would soon prove to be a problem!

During lunchtime, Julian couldn’t reach the food and would struggle to carry his lunch tray to the tables outside. So to help, the school’s staff made him a little cart out of old milk crates to help him with mobility and transportation.

While the staff’s makeshift cart was appreciated, Julian’s lunch lady, Enedelia Mottram, still felt like more could be done. Enedelia explained to Upworthy, “I just wanted to help Julian, because I mean his head barely reaches the lunch line. He can’t see anything.”

Enedelia’s husband, James, is a metalworker, so she decided to ask him for some help putting together a nicer cart for Julian. James was happy to help and so were his coworkers. Together, they made Julian a cart that allowed him to carry his lunch tray as well as see over the countertop. They even added ‘cool’ motorcycle-style handlebars, flames painted onto the sides, and his very own license plate!

According to Upworthy, “James told the Beaverton School District that he wanted to make something that Julian would be ‘proud to push around’.”

Julian’s mom told Upworthy, “They took the time to get those license plates with his name, which is just like, they just really put a lot of heart into it. So when I saw it, the first thing I saw was actually a picture of James and his team who made the cart and I cried. It’s just such a sweet thing.”

Thanks to James and his crew, Julian can now go to lunch with confidence, grab his food and bring it out to eat at the benches outside with his classmates. “He’s independent now,” said Enedelia. “Before, a staff member would have to be there to help him.” Now, he can do it all by himself!

Julian’s mom hopes that this story will serve as inspiration for others to seek out ways to be kind and offer help to those in need of it. “There’s just wonderful people in this world that, you know, they have their ideas open. They’re seeing needs that need to be met and they’re meeting them. So I hope that other kids can get their needs met through this.” And we couldn’t agree more! Thank you to Enedelia, James, and the crew for your kindness and compassion!

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