Here are some great tools and resources to create a culture of kindness from inspiring small acts all the way to building lifelong social and emotional skills.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

“Kindness in the Classroom” is an interactive, fun,
evidence-based K-12 curriculum that uses kindness as a framework to teach social and emotional skills to students! It was designed to bring kindness instruction and practice together with social and emotional learning skills. And guess what? It is free of charge!

Life Vest Inside

Life Vest Inside empowers and unites the world with Kindness by equipping people with the necessary tools to recognize their own potential to become a catalyst for positive change in the world. Life Vest Inside’s Director of Education has designed the Kindness Curriculum to intentionally align with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Bloom’s Taxonomy to promote kindness, tolerance, and social interaction to our children.

Compassionate Schools Project

The Compassionate Schools Project is the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of a 21st century health and wellness curriculum for young students. Facilitating the integrated development of mind and body, the project interweaves support in academic achievement, mental fitness, health, and compassionate character. The research aims to have a major impact on children’s education nationwide.

Rachel’s Challenge

Based on the life and writings of Rachel Scott, the first person killed in the Columbine HS shootings, Rachel’s Challenge programs provide a sustainable, evidence-based framework for positive climate and culture in schools. Fully implemented, partner schools achieve significant gains in community engagement, faculty/student relationships, leadership potential, and school climate; along with reductions in bullying and drug use.


LiveKind uses the power of candid thoughts and emotions using videos as tools to facilitate conversations between previously disparate groups and individuals. A unique guided facilitation model called The Circle of Conversation engages participants in in-depth conversations about trust, aggression, fear and perceptions, with our Community Action 1 year contracts helping to continues and spreads the work over time.

Peace First

Peace First believes in the power of young people to change the world for the better – not ‘someday’ – but, right now. Through our Digital Activity Center and online curriculum, we prepare young people with the skills to solve injustices by connecting across lines of difference with compassion, standing up for ideals and others with courage, and creating collaborative change by leading with others; what we call peacemaking.

Global Game Changers

GGC is a robust K-5, evidence-based , standards compliant educational enrichment program for use by in-school and out-of-school time providers that empowers all children to discover their inner superpower to make the world a better place and become engaged and compassionate citizens using our equation: MY TALENT+MY HEART= MY SUPERPOWER!™  We teach philanthropy as a tool to enhance academic outcomes and hone social-emotional skills.

Choose To Be Nice

Choose To Be Nice is a global movement dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kindness. We’re improving the way people interact with one another by reminding them that they have a choice about how to “be” in the world. And it all starts with a promise. Your school can be part of this movement by becoming an official Choose To Be Nice school and joining a growing community who have made the promise to be nice. We’ll provide everything you need to create and sustain a lasting culture of kindness at your school. Our comprehensive elementary school program includes everything from engaging, turn-key curriculum for each grade level to colorful displays and fun activities for the whole school.

The Great Kindness Challenge

The Great Kindness Challenge is a PreK-12 initiative that positively transforms school culture through KINDNESS. Using a provided checklist, students are challenged to complete as many acts of kindness as possible in one week. Schools love it because it is free, easy to implement and has a proven impact. Students love it because it’s fun to demonstrate that KINDNESS MATTERS!

The Honey Foundation

The Kindness Education Program, brought to you by The Honey Foundation, will teach your students the importance of BEEing kind by instilling basic life skills including self-esteem, confidence, positive communication, positive thinking, leadership, philanthropy and community. Age appropriate curriculum available for Preschool – 12th Grade.