10 Spontaneous Kind Acts to Celebrate World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day (WKD)! And we couldn’t be more excited. Watching people, businesses, organizations and communities getting creatively kind is incredibly inspiring to us. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of kindness to change the world. What a wonderful opportunity to raise this awareness and motivate participation in kind action.

What is World Kindness Day?

Established in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, World Kindness Day is a holiday celebrated internationally on November 13th, with a sole mission of promoting kindness around the world. The idea was (and is) that by bringing awareness to the potential of each and every act of kindness, be it large or small, people globally would be motivated to choose kindness a day at a time, year round. And so we have stood since, on November 13th of each new year, unified and inspired by kindness.

Now that we know the history… 

Let’s talk about celebrating!

Businesses, organizations and communities plan their World Kindness Day celebrations months in advance. But there are plenty of simple acts of kindness that are just as impactful! So let’s chat getting in the WKD spirit with…

10 Spontaneous Kind Acts

Spontaneous kind act #1: Smile at a stranger

You’d be surprised how much a simple smile can brighten up a day. Take it from us. We’ve been on the receiving end of a spontaneous smile… those things are contagious!

Spontaneous kind act #2: Hold the door for someone

Not only is holding the door kind, but it also opens up the opportunity to meet someone new!

Spontaneous kind act #3: Pick up the bill for a stranger

Whether it’s at your local coffee shop or in the drive-through… there’s nothing quite like anonymously kindness.

Spontaneous kind act #4: Give a homeless person a gift card

Load up a gift card to a sandwich shop or your local grocery store and give it to the first homeless person you meet. Take your kindness a step further by taking the time to stop and chat for a bit, or enjoy a meal together!

Spontaneous kind act #5: Give someone a compliment

Our words have more power than we realize. Practice using them to spread kindness!

Spontaneous kind act #6: Call an old friend

Showing someone you care about that you are thinking of them is a lesson in kindness 101. Go ahead, pick up the phone and see for yourself!

Spontaneous kind act #7: Donate to a charity

Research a cause that you are passionate about and do your part to support it! It feels good to be a kindness activist.

Spontaneous kind act #8: Bake cookies for your local fire department

It’s important to show gratitude for the people in our communities that keep us and our families safe, be it your local fire department, police department, forest service… Pick one and get to baking!

Spontaneous kind act #9: Clean up outside

Whether you go all out and host a community cleanup or simply pick up trash you see on the street throughout the day… Gear up and throw on that environmentalist hat! The planet will thank you!

Spontaneous kind act #10: Leave a kind message

Grab a pen and some post-its… and leave a trail of kindness messages! Who knows, the trend could catch on!

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