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What is City of Kindness?

City of Kindness is a coalition of organizations working to inspire kindness in the world. City of Kindness is not a literal place, but it is what we are all creating by practicing kindness daily.

What kind of organization is City of Kindness?

City of Kindness is a project of Social Impact Fund, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Social Impact Fund supports projects and campaigns that work to advance social good and make a positive difference in the world-at-large. The team at Anonymous Philanthropy (www.anonymousllc.com) manages the project.

What goals does City of Kindness have?

Our goal is to make the world a better place by increasing the amount of kindness in it. Promoting kindness organizations and helping them connect with more people and resources allow this to happen.

How can an organization become part of City of Kindness?

Fill out our recommendation form here to tell us about an organization you think we should consider. We have curated a select group of organizations specifically focusing on kindness.

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How is City of Kindness funded?

All operating costs are covered through donations from private foundations and individual donors.

Can I donate to or volunteer for City of Kindness?

Rather than supporting us, we ask that you support our partner organizations and the great work they are doing.