Countdown the Holiday With Kindness

Let’s reimagine the traditional Christmas countdown with a kind spin on the famous holiday song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, as we interact and complete the 12 Days of Kindness.


Follow the kindness countdown prompts. When you complete each day’s kind act, cut out a star and place it on the tree. Invite friends and family to join this new kind tradition.

Starting December fourteenth:

  1. On the first Day of Kindness, gift a small tree to someone who could use a boost this holiday season. Trees are known to bring oxygen and elevate moods. What a great mood-lifter!
  2. On the second Day of Kindness, send Dove chocolates to your grandma or an older mentor who you admire with a note about what he or she means to you.
  3. On the third Day of Kindness, forget French Hens, instead grab some French fries and share a meal with a neighbor.
  4. On the fourth Day of Kindness, listen – not to calling birds – but music that stirs your soul. Carve out a few minutes of silence and let the song and its lyrics provide a mini vacation in the middle of the day.
  5. On the fifth Day of Kindness, offer golden words instead of rings. Who needs encouragement? A warm word? A reminder that you see them and are thinking of them? The golden rule reminds us to treat others as we want to be treated. This begins with golden words.
  6. On the sixth Day of Kindness, lay down a gift for Santa. We encourage you to visit Santa and ask him what he wants for Christmas!
  7. On the seventh Day of Kindness, forego swimming swans and pause to watch birds in flight. Look up. Look around. Notice the small simple birds and how much beauty they offer. What do you connect to? How do you long to soar?
  8. On the eighth Day of Kindness, we’re all about milk and cookies. Don’t just leave some out for the big guy, enjoy some with a friend as you watch your favorite Holiday film!
  9. On the ninth Day of Kindness, dance in the kitchen. Seriously! Whether in the morning as you pour a cup of coffee or stir soup for dinner, crank your favorite tunes and channel your inner dancer.
  10. On the tenth Day of Kindness, leap toward what makes you feel alive. Being kind includes caring for your health. Take a walk. Grab your mat and take a yoga class. Play football with your kids. Get outside and get your heart rate (and mood) up.
  11. On the eleventh Day of Kindness, surprise a friend with a piping warm cup of tea or coffee!
  12. On the twelfth Day of Kindness, drum up a favorite memory with someone and share it with them in person or by phone. Tell them why this memory left a lasting impact.

As we head into this holiday season, we are so excited to continue our journey in making kindness contagious. Thank you for joining us and spreading kindness one city at a time!

Don’t forget to download the kindness tree and tag us, @Cityofkindness, as you participate in any of the Twelve Days of Kindness activities!


12 – Days of Christmas – Cut Out

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