4 Simple Tips to Maximize Environmental Kindness This Winter

Can you believe November 1st is this Friday? Fall is passing by quickly and before you know it we’ll be well into those cold and cozy winter months! We love us some wintertime fun. Hot chocolate by the fireplace, yummy soups and crock pot dinners, time spent cozy on the couch watching movies with the family… What we don’t love are those skyrocketing gas and electric bills!

Cold weather does call for a necessary amount of increased energy output to keep us all warm and toasty. But there are simple ways to maximize environmental kindness while keeping the waste (and the bills) at a minimum!

4 Kindness Tips

Keep a kind eye on the thermostat

Dropping temperatures mean it’s time to crank those thermostats! But there are ways to stay warm and environmentally kind this winter. Consider setting the timer on your thermostat to keep it warmer when you’re awake and at home and cooler during working and sleeping hours. For bonus points, you can close doors to unused rooms for additional energy conservation. 

Take advantage of sunlight

Don’t be fooled… we know it’s winter, but sunlight is still sunlight! When those bright yellow beams shine through your windows they bring heat with them. We say harness that natural light and welcome its warmth! If it’s sunny outside, let that sun in by opening your curtains and blinds. Watch it warm your home and your heart. Remember, once the sun goes down, so do the temperatures! Close up those curtains and blinds at night to help keep all that extra heat in!

Bundle up

Winter only comes once a year folks… let’s take advantage of all those cozy sweater vibes! Layering up with soft cardigans and comfy socks really gets us in the winter spirit. So bundle up, cuddle up, and turn that thermostat down a few notches. With all that cozy and your favorite, hot cocoa filled mug in hand, choosing environmental kindness is a no brain’er! 

Buy sustainable

If you’re running low on winter gear this year, consider doing your shopping at your local second hand or thrift shop! Choosing to shop sustainably can save you a substantial amount of money while having a lasting kindness impact on the environment by decreasing waste production.

A lasting kindness impact

Well, there you have it… 4 simple kindness tips to get you through the winter months. And remember! Small, consistent changes made by millions can have a massive impact. All you have to do is choose to be part of the kindness revolution!

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