A Guide to Spreading Kindness This Valentine’s Day

Looking for new ways to spread kindness this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re celebrating with your partner, your loved ones, or you simply want to brighten a stranger’s day, we’ve got a few fun ideas that are bound to put a smile on your face!

  1. Give out handmade valentines. Who doesn’t love getting a valentine in the mail? Or, better yet, at their doorstep? Take some time this Valentine’s Day to get creative and make a few valentines for your loved ones. Heck, make some for your neighbors too! Then play a little ding dong ditch! Knock or ring the doorbell, leave your valentine on the doorstep and run! Not only does this up the excitement, but it’s socially distanced and COVID-19 approved! 
  2. Bake homemade cookies. Dig out the heart-shaped cookie cutters and set aside some time to get good and messy in the kitchen. Gather the family together, throw on your favorite tunes, and dance it out while you make Valentine’s Day treats to surprise your loved ones with! You can even let the kiddos get wild decorating with frosting and sprinkles! Once you’re finished with the baking, jump in the car and get to delivering! 
  3. Give out compliments. There are so many opportunities to spread kindness throughout the day. Giving out compliments is by far one of our favorites! Think about it. How great does it feel to be waiting in line for your coffee and have someone tap you on the shoulder just to tell you they love your blouse? Take the time this Valentine’s Day to let people know what you love about them! Whether it’s a stranger, a loved one, or even yourself!
  4. Send flowers to a loved one. Valentine’s Day is going to look different this year, as we continue our fight against the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate! We just need to make some adjustments. Maybe instead of hand delivering flowers to your loved ones this year, you send them in the mail instead! There’s something special about sending and receiving gifts in the mail. And, it’s yet another opportunity to give a great surprise!
  5. Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. Last, but certainly not least, remember to pick up the phone this Valentine’s Day and let your friends and family know you love them. Taking the time to reach out can make all the difference.

That’s all we’ve got for today. We hope this list helps or at least gets you brainstorming your own kindness ideas! Don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram and Facebook for more kind content. Remember to tag us in your Valentine’s Day kindness stories for a chance to be featured! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Have a wonderful time celebrating!

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