Cavanaugh Bell Reminds Us That Love Is Greater Than COVID-19

When news that the COVID-19 outbreak had reached U.S. soil hit, people across the country organized to make sure that the most impacted populations were supported. Cavanaugh Bell is one of these inspiring humans that jumped immediately into action. 

Cool & Dope Living

This 7-year-old boy has spent the last few years of his life raising awareness around bullying, creating a movement of kids spreading kindness and positivity through his nonprofit, Cool & Dope. When he learned that the elderly are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, Cavanaugh knew he had to figure out a way to help. Luckily, he’s got a little experience in that department!

A Way to Help

In an interview with Fox 5 DC, Cavanaugh stated, “My grandma is my best friend, and she walks to the grocery store every day. So I thought she shouldn’t be walking to the grocery store because it’s coronavirus season.” 

On his Instagram account, @cooldopeliving, Cavanaugh went on to explain that his grandmother has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, placing her at even greater risk if she were to contract COVID-19. His compassion reaches further than the elderly, noting his concerns about families in need that have been financially affected by lay-offs, business, and school closures. 

To ensure that the most vulnerable are safe and provided for, Cavanaugh decided to donate $500 of his own money to create and deliver care packages to the elderly and families in need in his community. Since his initial round of deliveries, Cavanaugh has set up various ways for the public to donate towards his cause, with a goal of helping 1,000 families during the coming weeks. 

Love is Greater Than COVID-19

What started as a small project has grown into what Cavanaugh today calls, the Love is Greater Than COVID-19 Community Pantry! Functioning as an extension of his nonprofit, he hopes that, through the kindness and generosity of others, he will be able to keep this pantry fully stocked throughout the current health crisis. 

According to Cavanaugh’s Instagram, this weekend will be the official launch of the Love is Greater Than COVID-19 Community Pantry. Care packages will be given out by appointment only, through a drive-thru pick-up system, ensuring everyone stays safe and socially distanced! Cavanaugh plans to host the event with a DJ and plenty of dancing and fun. He is encouraging the public to reach out to him via email, at, if they know someone in need.

The Kindness Difference

We are once again moved and inspired by the kindness of others during these times. Thank you, Cavanaugh, for your constant thought of others and all the wonderful work you continue to do in the world as a result!

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