Good, Clean, Kindness

Having clean clothes is a basic necessity of everyday life. For someone without a home, something as simple as being able to wash their clothes can present a huge challenge. Not having access to clean clothes can negatively impact the health, self-esteem and advancement of someone that is homeless. That’s where The Laundry Truck LA drives in!

As reported by Good News Network, The Laundry Truck LA has helped the Los Angeles homeless population get access to clean, fresh clothing. The truck sets up shop about three to five times a week and volunteers wash and dry loads of laundry for those that wouldn’t otherwise have access to clean their clothing. Volunteers even neatly fold the laundry for pick up! The Laundry Truck LA was recently awarded a $30,000 grant from Clorox’s “What Comes Next” campaign, which helped them expand their services, providing washers and dryers on Saturdays as well.

Started by fashion designer Jodie Dolan, The Laundry Truck LA was a way to combine her volunteer work and her passion for clothing. According to their website, Dolan, now The Laundry Truck LA’s Executive Director and Founder, was inspired by her work with Monday Night Mission and Shower of Hope. The website quotes her saying, “’Seeing people have a beautiful and sometimes transformative shower experience, only to put their dirty clothes back on, gave me an ‘A-ha’ moment.’”

“’Clean clothes can really mean the difference in getting housing, getting a job, it also changes the way you feel about yourself,’” said Kate Anlyan, Special Projects Director for The Laundry Truck LA in a recent Good News Network video. “’We take clean clothes for granted, and we forget that if you have limited resources, that it’s something that means a lot,’” added Dolan.

The Laundry Truck LA is there for the homeless or anyone who needs help gaining access to clean clothes. They launched in January of 2019 and have the capacity to wash and dry approximately 5,000 loads of laundry a year.

The Laundry Truck LA is doing an incredible service and is still looking for support to keep up their clean kindness through 2019. You can donate to their operations goal here. If you or someone you know needs access to their services, check out these locations.

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