Free Flowers for Kindness

Do you know what we love more than a random act of kindness? One that sparks an idea leading to hundreds more! And that is exactly how the Free Flower Project was born… “a random act of kindness that grew out of control, literally,” according to Idaho News 6.

The Free Flower Project

The Free Flower Project is a new nonprofit based out of Boise and Emmett, Idaho, whose sole mission is to spread kindness to strangers by handing out free flowers in the local communities. According to their website, “It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed with the challenges that the world is facing today. Receiving unexpected flowers (for free!) just might be that little pick-me-up that someone needs… Our hope is to spread kindness in our own way so that others feel inspired to spread kindness in their own way.”

How it Started

During quarantine, the Adams family decided to fill their time with gardening, planting far more flowers than they would normally. What they weren’t prepared for, however, was just how many would bloom! In an effort to share the wealth and ensure that the flowers’ beauty didn’t go to waste, mother Rochelle asked her twin boys, Max and Miles, to brainstorm fun ways to get rid of the extras.

Rochelle told Idaho News 6, “They proposed to me to take flowers and find a corner somewhere outside of our neighborhood, hold signs up saying ‘free flowers’, just give them to people and offer them to people as they drove by.”

With the help of friends and neighbors, the twins’ idea became a reality and a quite popular one at that. So popular, in fact, that they decided to make the flower giveaway a weekly event.

How it’s going

Since starting the Free Flower Project, quite a bit has happened for the Adams family and their team of volunteers. Most notably, was when Max and Miles were awarded $25,000 after winning the ‘A World of Joy’ contest, sponsored by Cost Plus World Market. Their reaction upon hearing the news was heartwarming, as they realized that the money meant they could continue on with their mission of spreading kindness.

According to their Instagram, the prize money has funded “a huge project expansion to grow and give away as many flowers as possible.” This expansion has included the planning and creation of a full-blown flower farm; equipment, supplies, and all! The last few months have been filled with lots of excitement and progress for the Adams family, as they’ve been busy sowing seeds, building a “walk-in cooler and studio workshop space,” and “planting young seedlings at the new flower farm.”

You can follow their journey on their Instagram, as they “attempt to grow enough flowers to give away a total of 5,000 bouquets this year… Because showing unexpected kindness is just plain cool.”

And we couldn’t agree more! So a big ‘Thank You’ to Max, Miles, and the Free Flower Project team, for being some of the coolest people around! We can’t wait to see where your kindness takes you!

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