Keeping Spring Cleaning Kind

It’s official! Spring is finally here. The days are longer, the weather’s warmer, and the air is overflowing with that special springtime magic of new beginnings and fresh starts. This time of year, our projects usually begin at home with a good old-fashioned annual spring cleaning! But let’s face it, even spring cleaning can get messy. Be it from cleaning products to increased waste, oftentimes the planet ends up paying the price. Luckily, years of research and practice have left us with a handful of environmentally friendly hacks to keep your cleaning sessions kind!


  1. Skip the air fresheners and open the windows instead. Not only will the environment thank you, but so will your mind and body! Air fresheners are filled with toxic chemicals that pollute the air and your lungs. Plus, those empty containers just end up in landfills, increasing waste. Fresh air, on the other hand, is naturally safe and free! Your body needs it; your mind craves it, and your conscience will thank you for it! Not to mention, opening windows, letting the sunshine in, and feeling the breeze on your skin can really get those endorphins pumping. As with all kindness, it’s a win-win!
  2. Try making some simple D.I.Y. cleaning products. Chances are you’ll already have the majority of the necessary ingredients at home, as they are usually pretty basic. Typically you will need some combination of lemons, vinegar, and baking soda, but each recipe varies slightly depending on the source and the specific cleaning product you are trying to replicate. A simple google search will provide you with hundreds of options. From there, choose what best meets your needs and your budget! While being kind to the planet is reason enough to get crafty and make some D.I.Y. cleaning products, if you have pets or small children, this can also be beneficial to their health and safety. Not to mention, your wallet will thank you!
  3. Opt-out of paper products and choose reusable rags instead. Although paper towels are convenient, they are quite wasteful and easily replaced. By this point in your spring cleaning endeavors, we’re willing to bet you have a few piles of old clothes to get rid of. So dig through and find yourself a few old T-shirts to cut into rags. You can even use old socks as gloves for wiping things down and dusting. Once you’re done, throw your rags in the wash and save them for next time!
  4. Save water where you can. Deep cleaning requires a certain amount of water use. That said, there are ways to use water consciously and reuse it intentionally! First, head to the nearest dollar store and grab yourself a bucket or two. When it comes time to clean, fill up these buckets for use instead of leaving water running. And, since you’re using all-natural cleaning products, you can repurpose your greywater to water the plants once you’re done!
  5. Donate, donate, donate! We know it can be tempting to just toss those piles of old clothes and household items when you’re done cleaning. And while holding off to do donation drop-offs takes time and energy, we want to challenge you to do it anyways. Committing to donating your old goodies helps keep our landfills and our oceans just a little less congested. Plus, there are people out there that could really use your hand-me-downs! By donating, you can decrease your waste and help decrease consumption, all while offering a little extra kindness to those in need. So, why not?


So there you have it, our top five favorite ways to keep spring cleaning kind. But that’s enough out of us, we want to hear from you! What are your tried and true eco-friendly cleaning tips? Tag us on Facebook / Instagram and share your kindness tips for a chance to be featured! Happy spring, everyone!


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