Take Modern Day Treasure Hunting to a Whole New Level

You know that path near your home that you’ve walked by for years? Have you checked to see if there’s a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered? What about near school? Your office? Or your favorite vacation destination? There are millions of geocaches worldwide, and you too, can join the treasure hunt. Better yet, we can start a kindness revolution and “hide” compassion and care all over the world for strangers to discover. The best part is that geocaching is anonymous and holds no bar on creativity.

With geocaching we never know where we’ll stumble upon a treasure – hidden or in plain sight. Why not make kindness an adventure we lead with and leave behind, wherever we are?

If you’re looking for a free family friendly activity, we love the idea of geocaching together. Geocaching helps us explore new and old sights with the use of geo coordinates and teamwork. All you need is an adventurous spirit and fun ideas to create and hide your very own geocache.

To join the kind geocaching revolution, find an adventurous partner, a phone and let kindness lead the way.

To find a geocache near you:

  1. Download FREE geocaching app on your cell phone (Geocaching app).
  2. Create an account.
  • Find a cache near your location and start exploring.

To create your own kind geocache:

  1. Log on to geocaching.com and take the quiz.
  2. Hide your geocache. 

Kind Cache Ideas

  • Kind Quotes
  • Bookmarks featuring Books on Kindness
  • A hand painted rock, with the words “BE KIND”
  • A note about the kindest thing someone has done for you with an encouragement to add to the list
  • A small notepad and pencil. On the cover, write “Write a Kind Story”
  1. Submit your cache page for review (takes about seven days to be approved).

Have fun with your geocaching adventure. As you explore new areas in your town – and other states – encourage your children to consider more kindness cache ideas and invite their friends to participate. Just as learning is a life skill, so is passing kindness on, wherever we live, play, and work.

When geo coordinates point to kindness, we all win!

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