A Backwards Approach to A Kinder You

2019 is just around the corner, and no doubt, you are considering your New Year’s resolutions.

What if you don’t scratch last years, but simply practice your resolutions with greater intentionality in 2019?

If you resolved to be kind in 2018, what could that look like?
More forgiving? More hospitable? Generous? Unselfish? More honest? More authentic?

We bet our bottom dollar that last year’s resolutions were pretty great, so let’s resolve to maintain them with even more passion.

Let’s take a backwards approach. Let’s look back on the year. What do you notice? Who were you? How did you love and care and help? How did you grow and push yourself to be the best version of yourself? What kind of employee, co-worker, spouse, friend, or parent were you?

Life considered in the rearview mirror spurs us toward purposeful action moving forward. As you take time to consider your 2019 resolutions, start small. Start simple. Evaluate the best parts of who you were this year and take it to the next level.

Here are a few questions to help get your wheels turning:

  1. What resolution from last year do you want to carry into 2019?
  2. How are you different from last year? Growth? Struggles? Successes?
  3. Who inspired you last year and how can you channel that inspiration into a 2019 resolution?
  4. Name one character trait you want to embody. Add ‘er,’ ‘ier,’ or ‘more’ to the end and give it your best effort. Example: Happier
  5. When you imagine yourself a year from now, what goals do you wish to achieve or practice? Jot these down and leave them in a visible place as a daily reminder to persevere.

We’re honored to be on this kind journey with you as we continue to cultivate kindness and compassion from coast to coast.

Let’s all agree to live kinder in thought, word, and action in 2019!

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