Lemonade Stand Offers Sweet Support

Hurricane Harvey hit many in a devastating way. Over four days, it ripped through Southeast Texas with extreme intensity, causing flooding and crushing everything in its path. Frannie, a 10-year-old from Missouri City, Texas, was looking for a way to help.

Frannie had seen the HSUS visiting homes via boat and rescuing animals, and while she couldn’t join them in their physical search, she knew she could still contribute in a meaningful way. Frannie decided to start a lemonade stand to support the Humane Society of the United States, raising funds for the thousands of animals that had been displaced or were missing.

Frannie enlisted her friends on this mission of kindness, and they started “Harvey’s Animal Helpers,” which included the lemonade stand and a GoFundMe page to collect donations. Over three days, they sold lemonade and collected donations through their page, ultimately raising about $3,500 in just one week.

The Humane Society was so impressed and thankful for Frannie’s hard work, they invited her to the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, run by partner organization The Fund for Animals. The ranch houses over 800 domestic and exotic animals that have been rescued from the illegal exotic pet trade, roadside zoos, illegal trophy hunting, cruelty or neglect, and even animals that had been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

MSN.com reported, “’I learned that no matter how large or small an animal is, their life has value,’ Frannie said of her time on the ranch. ‘I saw how they took care of and loved animals that had health problems and learned it is our responsibility to take care of them because they can’t do it alone.’”

During her trip, Frannie recognized how her one kind idea could make kindness contagious! Her original kind act fueled another and strengthened her dedication and mission to support animals.

Frannie’s kindness toward animals in a time of despair is a lesson to us all. Even through the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, the kindness of one child had a huge impact for those organizations helping animals through the disaster. We’re sure this isn’t the last of Frannie’s contributions toward animal welfare, and we know that she’s inspired others to show kindness to all living things.

Remember, even the smallest of ideas can make a big impact. We encourage you to get out and be kind!

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