The Mother of All Kind Acts

We love moms! Whether the special mom in your life is your mom, mother-in-law, step mom, foster mom, grandma, mother of your children, “second mom” or mother figure, these women deserve all our kindness on Mother’s Day. Here are a few kind acts you can do to step up your game on Mother’s Day and celebrate these incredible women.

Say thank you – Moms do so much for everyone, and a lot of times their efforts are just expected. Remind your mom you appreciate her by saying thank you!

Help with the house – Don’t make your mom take out the trash, wash the dishes or do laundry on her special day. Help out around the house by taking on extra duties so your mom can enjoy some “me time”. If you want to really impress, clean the whole house so she can enjoy her special day in a tidy space.

Plan something special – Moms are often the planning gurus of the family, but having to make all the decisions and come up with fun activities can be tiresome and stressful. Give your mom’s planning brain a break by making the arrangements yourself. She’ll love the thoughtful day you’ve planned.

Help her relax – Being a mom takes a lot of work! Treat your mom to a massage, manicure, pedicure or spa day. She’ll love a good pamper session!

Relinquish the remote – Let your mom select what the family is watching. Then, watch it with her without the distractions of your phone or tablet. Be present. You’ll be able to chat about it after and she’ll love that you took an interest in her favorite show or movie.

Cook her favorite meal – There’s nothing like a home cooked meal, and moms are frequently the chef de cuisine! Feed your mom’s heart – and tummy – with a delicious meal made with your own two hands. It doesn’t have to be gourmet – just something that she likes to show that you care.

Keep it going – Moms do so much for us, and it’s important to celebrate them on Mother’s Day. It’s also important that they know they have your support all year round. Don’t stop these kind acts once Mother’s Day is over, keep them going and show your mom she’s loved all year long.

Do you have a special mom in your life you want to honor for Mother’s Day? If you perform a kind act (or two) for her, let us know on our Kindness Counter!

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