Kindness Does a Body Good

You’re beautiful just as you are! During the summer months, we can become fixated on obtaining the perfect body, or feel self-conscious about participating in fun summer activities. We’re here to tell you to be kind to yourself and to show your body the love it deserves. Here are some ways to be kind to your body this summer:

Provide nourishment – Say “no thanks” to fad diets and drastic calorie cutting and feed your body the healthful nutrients it needs. In fact, severe calorie cutting and fad diets can actually be harmful to your body. A good, balanced diet is a key ingredient to being kind to your body, mind and spirit. Reach out to your doctor or a certified nutritionist if you need help developing a meal plan.

Enjoy summer treats – Hello, popsicles! It’s okay to splurge now and then. Don’t deny yourself something you want or not participate in a fun social outing (like a trip to the ice cream store on a hot day) because you’re worried about the calories. Everything in moderation! Order the small size if you want and still delight in summer treats.

Bonus tip! Try making your own popsicles by whipping up your favorite fruit juice and freezing it – you’ll love the taste of this healthy alternative!

Get active – Time to get a move on! Sitting at a desk or on the couch all day can really hamper your body’s ability to stay fit. You don’t have to be super slim or incredibly muscular to be healthy, but regular activity will keep your muscles, bones and brain in good working order. Try to take frequent breaks and walk around or stretch. Make sure you’re getting the recommended level of movement for your age. Take advantage of the summer evening light and enjoy a walk or swim after dinner or join a group activity such as beach yoga, softball or basketball. Work out in a way that works best for you, not because you’re trying to fit the social norms of what a body should look like, but because being active is kind to your body.

Get some R&R – You need that rest and relaxation! Your body can only do so much before it will become exhausted. Kindness includes giving yourself some time for self care. Lay by the beach, lounge at the pool, schedule a massage or enjoy any other calming moment that will give you the well-deserved rest you need.

Embrace your shape – Don’t compare yourself to others — in the media or in your life. Enjoy summer pool or beach time without worrying what others think. Your body is the vessel that’s taking you on your incredible journey. Love it, treat it with kindness, and it will certainly serve you well.

How else can we be more kind to our bodies this summer? Share your acts of selfcare in the comments and add them to our Kindness Counter, after all being kind to yourself is one major act of kindness!

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