Lessons We Can Learn From The Dalai Lama

His Holiness The Dalai Lama knows a thing or two about compassion and how acting on that compassion leads to kindness. We are proud to support the Friends of the Dalai Lama (FODL), an organization intent on spreading kindness and compassion through the facilitation and the participation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in public and private events. We are illuminating the organization’s Six Tenets of Compassion in hopes that we can learn from them and turn compassion into action with kindness, keep reading to learn how we can do this.

Human Values

How are you aware of being connected to all who cross your path today? How does seeing every person as “one big family” shift your kindness mindset?

Social integrity

How can we focus on shared commonalities with others instead of our differences? How does this spur us toward a kinder community; specifically with those with whom we tend to think differently?

Inter-religious Dialogue

How can you speak up or volunteer your time and voice in spreading the universal message of kindness?

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

What is one tangible way you can protect our environment today? Pick up trash in your neighborhood? Start recycling?

As we take responsibility for our world, we create a kinder, more sustainable place for generations to come.

Compassionate Education

What’s an intentional practice you can begin that will encourage environmental mindfulness?

Perhaps download your favorite news app or join a gardening club to be in the know about our world.

Ethical Leadership

Whether at home, work, or in our cities, we have the opportunity to lead with kindness and compassion. How will you model humility?

Perhaps listen first, allow someone to go in front of you, ask learning-focused questions, admit “I don’t know.” These simple ways of leading through humility create ethical leaders.


To learn more about Friends of the Dalai Lama and how to participate in the Six Tenets of Compassion, check out their organization: http://friendsofdalailama.org/

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