Spring into Kindness!

Spring is finally here! We’re ready for sunny days and cool breezes, a definite mood booster after the cold and dark winter months. Showing kindness during this season could put an extra spring in your step! Whether you’re spending your time during the spring months at home or taking a spring break vacation, here are some ideas to help you spring into kindness:

Share an adventure – Is your friend not able to take a spring break vacation? Show them a little love by taking them on a fun outing to the beach or to a local museum – your treat!

Offer directions – You might not be traveling, but others could be visiting your area from out of town. If you can tell someone is lost or confused, offer to help and provide directions, throwing in some local tips for the best places to visit as well – you just might make their day!

Spring clean – Be kind to yourself and tidy up your space. Look for items that could be donated to spread this kind act to others.

Offer to babysit – Do you know someone whose children are on spring break, but they still have to work? Offer to babysit the kids! Parents will love that you’re showing their kids a great time during the day while they are at the office.

Host a BBQ – Invite your neighbors over for a backyard feast. Get to know them a bit better and cultivate a sense of community for those around you.

Gift a plant – Flowers are a sure sign of spring. Give someone who’s feeling down a beautiful flowering potted plant to brighten their mood and their space.

Mow a lawn –Offer to mow a neighbor’s lawn who might not be able to mow it themselves.

If you’re traveling for spring break, here are some kind ideas to pack:

Be patient – Travel can be frustrating. You’re in a rush to get to your destination so the fun can start! Show kindness through patience. Be courteous to TSA workers, airplane staff, rental car associates, bus and train operators, other travelers and your family.

Be helpful – If you notice someone struggling, offer to help! Other travelers might be having difficulty getting their baggage in an overhead compartment, off the baggage claim carousel or into the car.

Offer to take a photo – It’s nice to have vacation photos with the whole group, but so often one member of the party ends up taking on the role of  photographer. Offer to take a group’s photo for them so everyone can share the memory.

Thank hotel staff – Cleaning hotel rooms can be a thankless job. Leave a small tip, gift or note for your housekeeping helpers.

Be respectful – Whether you’re getting into your room late from an awesome night out or packing up your campsite for an early morning excursion, be sure to be respectful of your neighbors who want to enjoy their quiet time.

Are you ready to spring into kindness? Embrace this feel-good season by letting us know what kind acts you’re performing this spring and don’t forget to add the kind acts you perform to our Kindness Counter!

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