Setting Your Table With Kindness

With Thanksgiving upon us, we tend to get caught up in the details of the meal. But, there are more things to consider and celebrate than the food. Consider an intentional thanksgiving tablescape – here are some ideas to set an intentional thanksgiving tablescape:

Write Turkey Thanks for All to See

Invite littles to design kindness turkeys with a focus on gratitude

  • Buy a ream of Kraft paper from Home Depot or Lowes and cut to overlay the dining room table.
  • Lay a fall runner down the middle of the table and line with small orange and white pumpkins and gourds. Place a galvanized bin with yellow mums in the center of the table.
  • Invite the kids to trace their hands and design turkey shapes at every place setting (above the plate)
  • Place jars containing sharpies and markers strategically along the center of the table.
  • Once seated for the meal, invite each guest to write the kindest act someone did for them this year on each “feather” finger of the turkey and share aloud.
  • Take a picture of your thanksgiving “turkeys” and share with @cityofkindness.

Pass the Kind Corn on the Cob

Whoever sits down to the kind corn on the cob begins by completing the sentence and sharing aloud: “I am thankful for kindness when…” The guest then passes the kind corn on the cob to the left or right until every person has taken their turn. This becomes an annual Thanksgiving tradition and offers surprise for who will sit at the kindness cob setting.

  • Lay out a vintage tablecloth or upcycle large wood rounds as chargers at each setting.
  • Lay a raw cob of corn above one of the wood chargers.
  • On a folded paper, write I am thankful for kindness when… then attach the paper to a toothpick (tape works best) and stick the small sign into the center of the cob.
  • Once guests take their seat, explain how to play Pass the Kind Corn on the Cob and create a fun Thanksgiving tradition for years to come.

Grateful Q & A

  • Set a tablescape with your favorite fall décor and dishes.
  • Cut long skinny pieces of Kraft paper
  • Along the skinny papers write the following questions:
  • What generous word, gift, or action impacted you most this year?
  • What are the kindest words ever spoken to you?
  • What makes you feel most alive?
  • What simple pleasure are you most grateful for?
  • Who is someone that has surprised you with kindness?
  • What affirmation can you offer the person on your left? On your right? Tell them now J
  • Place three sets of questions in three jars and evenly distribute in the middle of the table.
  • Once each guest has their plates full, take turns pulling out question sticks and answering throughout the meal.
  • Save leftover questions to be answered during dessert.

Enjoy this Thanksgiving season and remember to pause and ask yourself, how will I go into next year with kindness?

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