Tricks, Treats, and Kindness

October is coming to a close and Halloween is just over a week away! With traditions like candy, costumes, and horror flicks, there’s only one addition we can think of to really top off the season: kindness! 

In typical City of Kindness fashion, we buckled down and did some research to find fun new ways of spreading kindness on Halloween. And good news! We stumbled upon an idea that got us even more excited for this year’s trick-or-treating shenanigans: Halloween kindness cards! 

An adorable idea by Coffee and Carpool, Halloween kindness cards add a ‘kind’ of twist to the holiday’s (un)usual festivities… Here’s the scoop: when trick or treaters show up at your door, pass out kindness with your candy!

Making Halloween Kindness Cards

Making Halloween kindness cards is easy! All you need is paper, markers, some scissors, and a positive attitude! Take your paper and cut it into squares. Then simply decorate each square with some Halloween doodles and some kind words, like a compliment or an act of kindness to pay it forward! Make the activity a family affair and get your kids excited about kindness too!

Once your cards are ready, keep them in a basket next to your candy by the door and wait for the neighborhood trick or treaters to show up. Once they start knocking, that’s when the fun begins! Throw a Halloween kindness card in each bag along with your candy (or whatever goodies you’re handing out this year). It’s that simple!

When the excitement dies down and the night comes to an end, the standard procedure is for all the neighborhood kiddos to run home and dump their stash on the floor. They start digging and counting, separating their candy into piles, and trading with siblings for their favorites. And somewhere, buried under all that chocolatey goodness, is your kindness card, waiting to be found! Although you may not be able to see the reactions, you can rest assured knowing that your card will bring a smile to anyone’s face who reads it. 

We love sweet, simple ways to make the holidays just a little bit kinder and Coffee and Carpool’s Halloween kindness cards idea is no exception! It’s almost so simple that we might have missed it had we not stumbled upon their article! So thank you, Coffee and Carpool, for the adorable idea! We can’t wait to use it and spread some secret kindness this year!

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