3 Ways To Show Up Kind This Thanksgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? And all of December’s holiday cheer is just around the corner! We love the holidays here at City of Kindness. For obvious reasons of course… quality time spent with family and friends, yummy pumpkin and gingerbread flavored coffee drinks, delicious meals and freshly baked goodies… the list goes on and on. But most of all, we love getting caught up in the spirit of giving!

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude for all of the wonderful blessings in our lives. We slow down, honor and give thanks for just how lucky we are. And we do all this knowing that all around the world, there are many less fortunate than us.

Enter that spirit of giving we were talking about earlier!  What better way to show how grateful we are for what we have, than to give back to others? So we’ve compiled a list of 3 ways to show up kind this Thanksgiving and pour that gratitude back into your local community!

3 Ways to Show Up Kind

Volunteer at your local food bank or homeless shelter

If you have a little spare time this Thanksgiving season, consider reaching out to your local food bank or homeless shelter. Many of these organizations are not for profit and they rely on the kindness of community members who volunteer to support their cause. With the rush of the holidays upon us, chances are they could really use an extra hand! Trust us, the joy felt from seeing the difference you can make in someone’s life first hand is the best payment of all.

Start your own food drive

Starting your own food drive is easy! A simple google search will give you a list of food banks nearby. Once you’ve decided which one you’d like your food drive to benefit, head over to their website. Usually, there will be a page that highlights the steps to take when hosting a food drive. Often, organizations will offer collection boxes, fliers and other promotional material to support your drive. Some will even walk you through the creation of a virtual food drive for those motivated to help, but low on time! 

Donate, donate, donate!

If you’re wanting to show your support this holiday season but you’re overwhelmed with commitments… don’t worry! There are still ways you can make a kindness impact. Consider making a simple donation. There are countless organizations out there that would be so grateful for your support. A few search ideas to get you started could include local toy drives, food banks, and homeless shelters. With just one toy, one meal, or one basket of toiletries, you are brightening a whole family’s holiday.

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