5 Fun Ways to Keep Halloween Kind During COVID-19

It’s that time of year again! Kids everywhere are getting ready to dress up in their spookiest costumes and hit the neighborhood streets. Keeping the porch light on and handing out candy to trick or treaters is something we’ve always looked forward to. Seeing the smiles and the excitement in the eyes of all the little ones reminds us of when we were kids, running from door to door and making bets with friends on which houses would give out the best chocolates. But what exactly will a COVID-19 Halloween look like? And how can we celebrate while navigating health and safety protocols for the good of our families and those around us?

Halloween is an American classic and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the festivities! Opting to celebrate safely this year will ensure that everyone has the chance to participate. Luckily, there are lots of fun ways to keep Halloween kind during COVID-19. Here are five of our favorites!


Keeping Halloween Kind During COVID-19


  1. Build a candy chute. One of the most creative and fun ways that we’ve seen to keep trick or treating alive and kind during COVID-19 is by building a candy chute! We got the idea from a Facebook post by Andrew Beattie and thought it was just genius. His chute (featured above) was made by cutting and decorating some tubing and securing it to his front porch handrail. However, adjustments can be made as necessary to customize your chute to your specific needs. Candy chutes have us extra excited, as they allow kids to still have a traditional Halloween experience while also staying safe and socially distanced! Thanks for sharing your invention, Andrew!
  2. Bag candy ahead of time. If building a candy chute contraption is a bit too ambitious, consider bagging candy ahead of time and placing it on a table on your porch, or in your yard or driveway. You can even set out some hand sanitizer so that trick or treaters have a little extra protection!
  3. Host a family scavenger hunt. While some families may be comfortable hitting the neighborhood streets, you might feel safer at home with loved ones. But that doesn’t mean you have to opt-out of the Halloween fun! Pick up your favorite Halloween candy and hide it around the house. If you have guests over and would rather be in open air, keep the hiding to the back yard! Let the kiddos get dressed up and then set them loose with clues to find the candy. Sit back with the adults, enjoy some company, and watch to see who wins!
  4. Enjoy a cozy night in. Now don’t get us wrong. We are all about going out and celebrating the holiday. But a night in can be just as fun! Make a list of your favorite Halloween activities to get you in the spooky spirit and spend the evening checking them off! We suggest silly outfits, scary movies, snacks, and pumpkin carving!
  5. Have a costume contest. Dressing up in your Halloween best is half of the holiday’s fun. Planning and putting together your yearly costume and showing it off around town is something that kids look forward to year-round. Staying home doesn’t have to mean missing out on this tradition! Make the most of your Halloween night with a costume contest for the kids! And remember, adults can participate too! Whether you have a few guests over or you choose to connect with loved ones virtually is up to you. Just make sure you send out the invites and remind your participants leading up to the date! You can even have everyone chip in for a first-place prize!

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