5 Ways to Participate in Giving Tuesday From Your Couch

Today is Thanksgiving! Whether in person or virtually, families are gathered all across the country in celebration, and we hope every home is overflowing with things to be grateful for. We love Thanksgiving because it reminds us to express our gratitude by giving back. Whether it be to each other, to a stranger, or to an organization that needs support, when our cups are overflowing, we share the excess and support those around us. Luckily, Giving Tuesday is just around the corner! And there are plenty of ways to get involved right from your couch!

What Is Giving Tuesday?

For those who don’t know, Giving Tuesday is simply a day dedicated to inspiring people to spread kindness and do good. The concept began in 2012 and has since become a global movement, encouraging millions to give back and “celebrate generosity” each year!

The motivation for the movement is beautifully noted on the organization’s website, stating, “Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor or stranger out, showing up for an issue or people we care about, or giving some of what we have to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts and everyone has something to give.” So, how exactly can we get involved?

5 Ways to Participate in Giving Tuesday Without Getting Off Your Couch

  1. Give Kindness: No matter how big or small, all acts of kindness inspire more kindness. So, give a little! Order dinner for a friend, call a loved one to remind them you care, or leave a kind comment on a stranger’s post! Whatever kindness you give, give it generously, and watch it come back tenfold!
  2. Give Awareness: Spreading awareness is so important. And these days, you don’t have to get off your couch to do it! With the availability of technology, the internet, and things like social media, all it takes is a little research and the press of a button to share your findings with the world! So, what causes are important to you? Pick a few and commit to advocating and amplifying their message!
  3. Give Funds: Chances are, there are a handful of non-profits in your local community that could use your support. Often, these organizations rely on the generosity of strangers to fund the work they do. Take some time to do a quick search and see what non-profits are out there fighting for causes that matter to you. Whether they are based locally or across the country, consider donating or starting a virtual fundraiser among your family and friends to help fund their mission!
  4. Give Goodies: Perhaps giving goodies is more your speed! If this is the case, you may want to look into organizations that accept food and toy donations for families in need during the holidays. You could donate goods or even get your community involved by starting your own food or toy drive! Just create a sort of registry through a shopping service like amazon and have the goodies delivered directly to your chosen non-profit!
  5. Give Skills: For those that are tech-savvy or have experience with skills like marketing, social media, data entry, and so on, you might consider reaching out to a few non-profits and volunteering your services! Since these organizations are usually on a strict budget and often struggle with visibility, offering them professional skills that could increase public awareness could make all the difference!

However you choose to participate in Giving Tuesday this year, we hope the experience of giving back brings you as much joy as it does us! Stay safe and healthy out there! 

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