7 Tips for a Kind Fourth of July

Can you believe it’s already Fourth of July weekend? 2020 has been one wild year and despite all the chaos, time really has flown by! While this year’s celebrations might not include the beach days, barbecues, and fireworks that we traditionally look forward to, there are still plenty of socially distanced ways to honor Independence Day and spread some holiday cheer. Here are 7 tips for a kind Fourth of July to get you started!

  1. Fly a flag. There are simple ways to share our gratitude for the country we live in. Flying a flag lets the men and women who fought for our freedoms know that we appreciate all they’ve done for our country.
  2. Share a flag. Chances are you know a veteran or two that have sacrificed their personal freedoms and risked their lives to fight for our country. Consider picking up a pack of mini flags and giving them to these men and women as a token of your gratitude for their services. If you don’t have any veterans in your immediate circle, you can always head to your local military cemetery and place flags on any stones that don’t already have them!
  3. Support our troops. Without these men and women’s selflessness, we wouldn’t live in a country of liberty for all. So seek out ways to give back this year! There are countless ways to support our troops, including opportunities to volunteer and donate. A quick search online will give you information on the options in your area.
  4. Thank our first responders. It takes courage to risk your life in an attempt to save another’s. Especially now amid the coronavirus pandemic, our country’s first responders deserve our support more than ever. After all, they are the ones on the front lines, caring for the citizens of our country. Take some time today to reach out to the first responders in your life and let them know you are thinking of them. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, consider making cards and sending them out to your local fire departments or healthcare centers!
  5. Embrace America’s diversity. The United States is a melting pot of all sorts of people from different places across the globe. Everyone has their unique stories and lived experiences. Let the Fourth of July be a day where this diversity is embraced and honored! So go out of your way to be kind, inclusive, and accepting of everyone you come into contact with this weekend. Let them know how happy you are that they are part of this beautiful nation with you!
  6. Take care of the land. While many beaches will be closed in an effort to restrict gatherings this weekend, consider taking the time to go for a walk and clean up! With few people out in the streets, it’s a perfect time to get your hometown picked up and looking good! Bring a trash bag and a recycling bag, and scoop up anything you find. Let’s keep our country’s land thriving for all of the Fourth of Julys to come! 
  7. Give out compliments. We are lucky enough to live in a country where we can think and speak freely. Let’s utilize this freedom and use our words to spread kindness and appreciation this weekend! Give a compliment or ten! Let people know you are grateful for them. Take the time to share your love with your family and friends, even if it has to be virtual for now!




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