Chef Hazel’s Quest for Kindness

People around the world have been stepping their kindness up a notch to support the global fight against COVID-19. Every day, we wake up to stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, taking matters into their own hands to ensure their fellow citizens get the support they need during these tough times. 

We have been especially inspired by the initiatives of children and young people as we work together to navigate new challenges. This week, we were particularly touched by the philanthropic efforts of Hazel Booty-Davies, a 6-year-old girl who decided to raise money by selling homemade pizzas after learning that some kids have been struggling to eat as a result of COVID-19.

Hazel started making pizzas with her parents to pass time during quarantine. However, when Hazel’s parents were teaching her about economic inequality and the effects of COVID-19 school closures on families and children, this business venture quickly became a quest to help the less fortunate.

In an interview with CBC News, Hazel’s mom explained, “We were talking about kids in school and when the school stopped they weren’t going to have healthy snacks… Hazel didn’t realize that there were kids out there that didn’t get healthy food all the time or access to it. She was a little shocked.”

When asked directly, Hazel told CBD News, “I heard about some kids don’t have any food.” In order to help these children, Hazel decided, “I will make pizza.”

Together with her parents, Hazel started what soon became known as The Blue Van Restaurant, named after the renovated blue van that houses their project. Each pizza made is set at a price of $15 and, keeping in alignment with her mission to help feed kids, profits are donated to various charities each month. Money from the first few batches of pizza are set to benefit the Regina Food For Learning.

Hazel’s father, a former chef, told CBC News that his daughter is very involved and interested in the entire pizza-making process, stating, “It’s been fun. I mean she has a blast doing it.” He went on to explain that he hopes this experience teaches Hazel to continue looking for ways to give back to vulnerable populations throughout her life. 

And by the sound of it, Hazel is excited to keep moving forward with her kindness initiative, hoping that she will inspire other families and children to get involved and start helping her in her efforts! 

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