Kindness Beyond the Call of Duty

When police officers were called out on a medical emergency to the home of an elderly couple, they knew that helping them through the dispatched call wouldn’t be their only duty at the home. Officers in Sunnydale, California, took notice of the couple’s wheelchair ramp and knew they had to act with kindness.

As reported by Good News Network, the couple was physically and financially unable to repair their wheelchair ramp, a vital piece of equipment for getting them in and out of their home safely. Seeing the ramp in unsafe condition, the officers took it upon themselves to help the couple by building them a new ramp.

Collecting materials, tools and using their woodworking skills, the officers returned to the home to build the couple a brand-new wheelchair ramp. The Good News Network quotes Captain Anderson who filmed the officers in action, “’Although these officers believe they do not need any special recognition for doing this, we wanted to share this story to show you the often unseen kindness that our officers spread throughout our communities.’” Anderson added, “’Everyday officers from across our nation impact the lives of others in ways unnoticed. To all who go above and beyond, thank you.’”

The kindness of these officers is an inspiration and a lesson! Just because your job is done, doesn’t mean that kindness is done too. Keep a generous heart as you go through your day and spread kindness wherever possible.

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