Back-to-School Kindness

Summer days are coming to an end and the return to the classroom is just around the corner! When you speak with your children about the upcoming school year and all of the exciting new things that are going to happen, it’s the perfect time to talk about kindness as well. How can everyone—students and parents—start the new school year with kindness in mind? Here are a few kindness lessons to review before the school year starts!

For Students:

Be helpful – Did someone drop their books or papers? Does the teacher need help passing out an assignment or cleaning up after a project? A willingness to assist is a great way to be kind!

Be mindful – Remind kids that words can hurt. Encourage them to be mindful of what they say and to only speak kindly to others. Ask them to think before they speak and imagine how they would feel if someone said those words to them.

Be respectful – Everyone at the school—including other students, teachers, administrators and custodial staff—deserve respect. Prompt students to say “please” and “thank you” and to clean up after themselves as a way of showing respect to everyone at the school.

Be supportive – If your child sees another student struggling, whether that be with a specific lesson in the classroom, on the playground/during PE or in any other aspect of the school environment, encourage them to support that student and help them to be their best!

For Parents:

Be understanding – While some parents have the availability to participate in PTA events and help in the classroom, others may not. Single parents—as well as parents working out of the home or who are a primary care provider for an older family member—might find it challenging to make it to these events if their schedules are conflicting. If you are part of the PTA or other planning committees, consider offering a variety of dates/times for meetings or events to be more inclusive to every parent!

Be patient – As a parent you obviously want the best for your child and it can be frustrating to feel as though they aren’t getting the attention in class they need. Remember that teachers are doing their best and have many children to look after during the day. If you have concerns about your child’s education, take time to connect with the teacher in a calm manner and work together to create a plan that addresses your concerns.

Be a model – The best way for children to learn kindness is to see it firsthand! Be a model for your child and demonstrate kindness on a regular basis. Talk to your child and explain all the countless reasons why kindness matters!

The bell is ringing! Are you ready to start the school year with kindness? Ask your child each day about the kindness they showed and help them to submit their kind acts on our kindness counter!

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