Chaos & Kindness Over Memorial Day Weekend

A new Chaos & Kindness store is coming to Keene, New Hampshire this Memorial Day Weekend! And according to their Facebook posts, they’re fixing to have one heck of a time at their grand opening!

What is Chaos and Kindness?

Founded by Justin Spencer of rock band Recycled Percussion, Chaos & Kindness is “a worldwide brand and movement” with a dream of inspiring people to “live life with purpose and positivity.” When Justin and his cousin and co-founder, Ryan Vezina, first began their Chaos & Kindness journey, their main goal was simply to “show the world you can live life to its fullest while having fun and giving back.” The pair carries this message not only in the work they do but also in the way they live their own lives: embracing chaos, practicing kindness, and showing gratitude throughout each day. The Chaos & Kindness store will be stocked with all kinds of clothing and merchandise to further their message and movement, with a percentage of proceeds going “toward making the world a kinder place.”

The Beginnings…

Four years ago, Justin and Ryan were reviewing offers from MTV, Spike, and Fuel TV for their own TV show to be called “Junk Rockers.” According to the Chaos and Kindness Facebook page, the production companies “wanted lots of arguing, drama, etc. It would have fetched us millions of dollars but long term would have left us unhappy.” The post goes on to explain, “At the end of the day we are guys in a rock band but there is this truly genuine side that we love to show kindness in the world. So we created the TV show, Chaos & Kindness.”

What may have been considered a risky move turned out to be Justin and Ryan’s saving grace. Since then, Chaos & Kindness has grown from a TV show to a brand to a global movement, one that allows the team to “change, and in some cases literally save lives!” 

The Big Grand Opening

Chaos & Kindness is set to open their second brick-and-mortar store in Keene, New Hampshire this Memorial Day weekend, and the team couldn’t be more excited to share all their hard work with the locals. Their hope is that the new shop creates a space for community, cultivating kindness and inspiration among all that walk through its doors. 

And they’re off to a pretty amazing start! Already, the team has made a point to hire people that have lost their jobs, whether due to COVID or otherwise, as well as people with disabilities, not to mention their $70,000 investment in community mental health! In fact, the shop itself will be home to what the Chaos & Kindness crew is calling the ‘inspiration station,’ a giant igloo that will serve as “a meeting place for mental health and inspirational content!”

So much kindness and the store hasn’t even opened yet! With the official launch only days away, we can’t wait to see what the Chaos & Kindness team has in store for their community long-term. In the meantime, we’ll settle for photos and a recap on their Facebook page after the big day! Good luck guys!

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