ElleVet Spreads Kindness to Pets in Need

ElleVet Sciences is a pet company out of Maine on a mission to spread kindness during COVID-19. As the health and safety of the United States’ homeless population have become a focal point for thousands of do-gooders nationwide, ElleVet Sciences decided to center their attention around homeless pets! Being the animal lovers that we are here at City of Kindness, reading about ElleVet Sciences’ initiative put giant smiles on our faces. We are so happy that someone is looking out for America’s four-legged friends during these tough times! Here’s how it happened.

The Pets In Need Project

Pets In Need is the name of the project launched by ElleVet Sciences co-founders, Christian Kjaer and Amanda Howland, aimed towards “providing free veterinary care and supplies to pets of the homeless.” When asked about their mission in an interview with abc7chicago news, Howland explained, “When COVID hit, we realized that the homeless and their pets were even more vulnerable than usual.” 

Deciding that the situation was dire enough to require immediate action, Howland and her team quickly turned a 38 foot RV into a vet on wheels. What was soon coined “the ElleVan” hit the streets in California on May 17th, 2020, and has been on the road ever since. 

Making California their first stop due to the high concentration of homelessness and poverty, Howland told abc7chicago news that they have already helped 1,000 animals in the state. She went on to express her gratitude for the opportunity to offer support for pets among this population, explaining that the bond between humans and animals among the homeless is stronger than most she’s seen.

According to Howland, many of these people have turned down housing, even during COVID-19, simply because they would have to leave their pets. “Most of us have the luxury of not having to make these choices such as, you know, am I going to stay on the street and be with my pet? Or do I go to an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, where I have to give up my pet? And most people choose to stay on the street so they can stay together,” Howland explained.

Howland and the team at ElleVet Sciences have already made quite the impact in California alone. Word has spread and people have been lining up with their pets at each of their van stops. Their commitment to kindness and their love for animals have combined to create something truly incredible and we are so grateful for the work they are doing in the world!


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