Self-Care During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has radically changed our day to day lives. We are collectively navigating new working conditions, as well as new learning procedures and social regulations. But slowing down and spending more time at home doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great opportunity to tap into some life-changing, self-care practices. Being kind to yourself by engaging in consistent self-care is the bedrock for emotional health and overall wellness. And for those experiencing some added stress adjusting to our new normal, directing a little kindness inward could make all the difference!

What is Self-Care?

Before we start brainstorming how to be kind to ourselves by committing to self-care, let’s talk about what exactly self-care is. Self-care is typically defined as any daily practice that promotes mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. The idea is that when the mind, body, and spirit are balanced, our capacity to face life and navigate challenges drastically improves. Prioritizing this kindness and care for ourselves creates a sense of peace and calm that translates into how we are able to show up each day. Not only are we better able to walk through situations that might trigger increased stress and anxiety, but we are also supporting our ability to perpetuate kindness beyond ourselves and in the world at large.

Practicing Self-Care

When discussing self-care, it sometimes helps to break down the ideas into self-care for the mind, for the body, and for the spirit. Keep in mind that many self-care practices overlap categories. For example, practicing yoga for physical health also has mental and spiritual benefits. Therefore, creating a self-care plan that meets your unique needs is ideal. We can offer ideas, but only you know what options will best support you and your personal goals!

Self-Care for the Mind

Promoting mental health through acts of self-care is simple! And with all the recent changes in the world, chances are a little extra love in this department might do you good. Some examples of self-care for the mind include reading, writing, and goal setting. Another important way to take care of your mental health is monitoring news and social media consumption. Putting a cap on time spent consuming information can limit negativity. Doing so might even free up some time for you to practice things like mindfulness and meditation, towards calming and quieting your mind instead!

Self-Care for the Body

Taking care of our physical health has major medical benefits, while also promoting mental and emotional wellness. This is the overlap we were talking about, and this is why self-care is so great! Each practice radiates its benefits into other areas of life. Caring for your body is multidimensional. If we are looking at nutrition, physical self-care practices may involve things like meal-prepping and trying out new recipes. When it comes to fitness, you may consider movement and a good sweat. Some of our favorite ways to get active are trying out new hiking trails, meeting a friend to go for a (socially distanced) run, or searching the internet for fun new workout videos to do in the living room!

Self-Care for the Spirit

The concept of spiritual self-care is a bit more abstract and incredibly personal. We are all unique in that we all hold our own beliefs around spirituality. Therefore, experimenting with self-care practices that allow you to feel connected to your spirituality is an individual journey. While mindfulness and meditation were mentioned as mental self-care practices, we find them to be incredibly helpful here, too. Taking the time to clear our thoughts and create mental space allows us to cultivate that sense of oneness and connectivity. Another one of our favorite ways to care for our spirit is by writing daily gratitude lists. Times are tougher than usual right now and it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of it all. We find that when we shift our perspective towards our ‘haves’ as opposed to our ‘have not’s,’ feelings of safety and support quickly follow.

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