First-Ever Mental Health Action Day

COVID-19 brought with it many challenges. Aside from the obvious concerns of physical health and safety, the pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in mental health issues. Millions of people globally have found themselves struggling to cope with new mental health symptoms. Millions more are battling pre-existing conditions that have resurfaced and/or intensified as a result of the coronavirus. If there was ever a time to raise awareness and take action on mental health, it’s now.

Here at City of Kindness, we know and believe in the importance of mental health. Not only is it a starting point for personal well-being and improved quality of life, but it is also the driving force for how we show up in the world around us. To show up kind for others, we must first show up kind for ourselves. In an effort to be a part of the solution, we are proud to call ourselves one of over 700 founding partners of the first-ever Mental Health Action Day. On May 20th, we’ll be banding together with businesses, brands, influential leaders, and nonprofit organizations nationwide to support our communities as we navigate shifting from mental health awareness to mental health action.

Awareness to Action

Talking about mental health has become increasingly easier in recent years as a result of conscious and intentional work towards destigmatizing the issue. That said, there is still a disconnect between these conversations and tangible action. Unfortunately, this disconnect is particularly present among communities that have been marginalized and/or historically underserved. To address this issue, mental health action day seeks to provide basic first steps and resources accessible to all communities toward ensuring that anyone seeking mental health support has the tools to take action.

Taking the First Step

When it comes to mental health, oftentimes the most overwhelming part of the process is knowing where to begin. If you’re unsure of the next steps for you or a loved one, Mental Health Action Day has compiled a list of tools available as starting points on your journey. The list includes:

  • Find a Therapist
  • Reach Out to a Friend
  • Start a Meditation Practice
  • Join a Peer Support Group
  • Check-in With Yourself
  • Research Resources
  • Schedule YOur First Yoga Class
  • Take action to Expand access
  • Join a Support Program

Remember that ‘action looks different for everyone’ and it is largely dependent on individual needs, financial resources, and comfort levels. That said, Mental Health Action Day hopes to encourage and empower people to prioritize mental health in whatever way feels right for them.

For those that are reading this and feel inspired to get involved, we encourage you to spread the word about Mental Health Action Day. Tell your family, friends, and loved ones. Research local resources and share them with your communities. Amplify mental health options that are free and accessible to all. If you’re comfortable, you can even let people know what’s been working for you on your journey! And don’t forget to use #MentalHealthAction to share how you’ll be participating in Mental Health Action Day on May 20th! for more information.

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