Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Kindness this Season

The holidays can be a notoriously stressful time of year. While all the festivities are something many of us look forward to, they can also be a source of overwhelm. Shopping for the perfect gifts, showing up to the holiday parties, preparing for those inevitable moments of tension at family gatherings… If you feel it too, we have a little wisdom gained through years of experience that might make all the difference. It is absolutely possible to rise above holiday stressors and show up as your best self this year. And it starts with, you guessed it, YOU! No matter how hard we’ve tried, life has shown us time and time again that we can’t pour from an empty cup. So consider this your friendly reminder, to give yourself some kindness this holiday season! And watch as that stress meter drops back down to manageable. You can thank us later 🙂

But what exactly does this all mean? If the concept of self-kindness feels foreign to you, we get it. It’s a practice; one that evolves over time. But when practiced consistently, it has the power to transform not only your holidays, but you’re life! If that sounds good to you, hang out for a minute while we share a few self-kindness suggestions that have proven life-changing for us!

Take some YOU time

It’s easy to get caught up showing up for everyone else, especially this time of year. Unfortunately, we often forget to show up for ourselves in the process. So give yourself those well deserved moments each day to connect with what feels good to you, whatever that looks like! For some, it is daily journaling. For others, movement does the trick. Whether it’s getting outside for beauty and deep breaths of fresh air, or spending an hour relaxing, reading and recharging… do it! Take the time to choose yourself this holiday season.

Practice gratitude

If you’re anything like us, the hustle and bustle of the holidays can lead to moments of frustration. Like finally deciding on the perfect gift for Aunt Sally and finding out that every store in a 30-mile radius is sold out… Or realizing you forgot that special ingredient for your signature dish, just minutes after getting home from the market! It’s in those moments, that practicing gratitude can completely shift your mindset, and as a result, your experience. So make a list, or simply speak it into the universe, and give yourself that reminder of all the beauty that’s in your life! And notice the shift it brings.

Embrace the imperfections

We get it. You want the full holiday experience! Well, guess what? You can have it! But part of that experience is letting go of control and expectations of perfection in order to be fully present in all those beautiful little moments. Because being human means being imperfect! So welcome the hiccups and embrace the imperfections that will surely come this season. Sometimes, if you let them, those unexpected moments are the ones that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Be gentle

Don’t be so hard on yourself! We are all out here doing our best, and that is more than enough. It’s ok to have flaws and moments of chaos. It’s ok to say no and relax instead. It’s all ok! So take a breath, and let go of the need to take things so seriously. You are doing great!


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