Resolutions of Kindness for Your Happiest New Year Yet

It’s that time again folks! Time to ring in 2020 with all the excitement of a fresh start. Not only are we welcoming a new year, but a new decade! And, here at City of Kindness, we couldn’t be more thrilled. With so many opportunities to choose kindness these next 12 months, we are dreaming big and setting our goals high as we continue to weave kindness into our lives and the world around us.

Traditionally, this week is used to reflect, set intentions and celebrate another year of life. We look back over the last 365 days and take inventory. Acknowledging and giving thanks for all the growth and accomplishments. Taking note of what no longer serves to make space for new dreams and goals moving forward.

This process is lovely and cathartic. We know from our own experience what an impact cultivating vision and direction can have on life and truly living it. It is through consciously choosing to create in alignment with our values and morals that we experience ultimate fulfillment. So we want to encourage you to build your lives in alignment with yours this year! 

While you’re taking this time to set the stage, consider adding a few intentions of kindness to your list! They can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. But choose! Even the smallest stone cast creates a ripple, moving us together towards a kinder future. Here are a few ideas, if you’re stuck!

Pick Your 2020 Word

Every year has a theme. The great thing about taking the time to move into the new year intentionally is that it allows you to choose yours! So pick a word, and let it seed, sprout, grow and spread throughout your new year! Commit to bringing your theme alive in the world around you, a day at a time. Some of our favorite words are love, compassion, connection, generosity, and gratitude.

Stay Connected

Connection to the beauty in the world is a major contributor to mental health. By staying connected to the people in our lives, not only are we supporting our emotional well-being but theirs as well! With advancements in technology and countless daily distractions, it becomes very easy to push connection to the backburner. But what if, instead of a deterrent, technology was used as a way to keep us accountable to the intention of connection? We’re here to tell you it can! And it’s simple! Make a list of the people you’d like to keep in touch with and consider how often you’d like to do so. Then its as easy as setting daily, weekly, and monthly reminders in your calendar. Take advantage of those smartphones and use alerts to reach out and ask those you love how they are doing!

Smile Often

What if something as simple as a smile could completely change the course of a day? We’re here to tell you that it absolutely can! It’s science, folks! Turns out, we have these amazing little things called mirror neurons in our brains. When we see someone smile at us, these neurons actually activate the parts of our brain that allow us to feel the physical and emotional feelings of smiling, triggering us to return the favor. Now think of how many people you walk by on a daily basis. Imagine giving them all the chance to feel and experience a smile, simply by giving one yourself? We always heard that smiles were contagious… This year, let’s get out there and take advantage of it!

Give Out Acts of Kindness

Most of us have experienced an act of kindness in some way during the course of our lives. Whether we have been the giver, the receiver, or simply a witness, there’s no denying those feel-good vibes that spill out all over the place as a result. As it turns out, there seems to be some real scientific evidence pointing to the idea that recipients of kindness are not the sole benefactors. Research suggests that direct as well as indirect exposure to kindness inspires future kindness and cooperation. It’s a real-life ripple effect! So get out there this year and start yours!

Be Good to YOU!

The external experience is absolutely a mirror of the internal environment. Give yourself some time this year to take an honest appraisal of yours. How do you think about yourself? How do you feel about yourself? How do you speak to yourself? And how do you show up in the world around you as a result? When we are kind to ourselves, our ability to be kind to others grows exponentially. Turn that love inward this year, folks! And give yourself the appreciation and care that you deserve.


To all of our kind readers, have the happiest of New Years! May your 2020 be full of joy and laughter, kindness and love!

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