We’ve Got A Winner! Our #KindActsContest Winner Story is Straight from a High School Cafeteria

High school can be a difficult time for teenagers.  Students experience their fair share of stress, peer pressure, and self-doubt. As a mother to twin 17-year-old boys, Megan Johnson sees the struggles that teenagers face every day – especially because her job at the local high school puts her right into the heart of students’ daily lives.

Megan knows that even a small act of kindness can be the light that a young person needs to keep him or her going through challenging times. As a cashier in the lunchroom, she has found ways to spread kindness through her daily interactions with students. As students grab their lunches, she hands out bracelets with the messages, “I Am Enough” and “I Am Loved,” giving them a visible reminder of their worth.

She also serves as a resource to the students, offering a safe space where they can talk openly and get advice. “I try to encourage our teenagers to be kind to one another and to be themselves,” Megan says.

For Megan, she sees it as doing her part to help her students feel confident and ready to take on any challenges they face.

We’re pleased to share with you her story as her efforts on campus have not gone unnoticed. As our #KindActsContest winner, we offer our congratulations and THANK YOU to Megan! We hope that more people will be inspired to think about how a kind acts can make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

What #KindActs could you do that would make a positive impact in your community?

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