City of Kindness Spotlight: Arlington, TX

Thanks to Mayor Williams of the other members of its City of Council, Arlington created its “Arlington Kindness Initiative” when the city became an official City of Kindness. Mayor Williams’’ vision was to promote, encourage and recognize kind acts that were taking place across The American Dream City. Arlington has embraced the challenge and we’re so pleased to shine a spotlight on some of the kind acts their citizens are adding to our Kindness Counter!

EECU Credit Union
In April of this year, the employees of EECU Credit Union joined together to make 4,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Handmade with love, these sandwiches were then wrapped up and delivered to organizations such as Mission Arlington, feeding vulnerable members of the community.

Butler Elementary Kindness Club
The staff at Butler Elementary school faced a challenge: students that were dropped off early for school weren’t being kind to each other. Instead of threatening punishments, a school counselor tackled the situation with kindness and started an early morning kindness club, encouraging students to discuss ways to show kindness at school. Each grade level now has a Kindness Jar, where students can recognize their peers and staff for kind acts. Stories are shared during announcements and winners are randomly selected, receiving a family meal at a local restaurant.

Prince Lebanese Grill
The family-owned restaurant has always embodied kindness in their service. With the start of the Arlington Kindness Initiative, owner Aziz Kobty was thrilled to place a sign in his window showing their participation. Shortly after, he noticed his customers spreading kindness as well! Several customers have anonymously paid for military and police meals. Kobty says, “It was great to see our community taking care of each other, and showing appreciation for the people who risk so much to keep us safe on a daily basis. And it was all through these random acts of kindness. Most of the time the person paying for the table did it anonymously. Seeing things like that make you happy to be a member of this community.”

Recognition at Corey Academy
Students Santiago Boor and Adelynn Jarett were surprised during a pep rally at Corey Academy with recognition for kind acts they had performed at school. Arlington’s Community Relations Commission presented each student with Rangers tickets and they also received a catered ice-skating party.

Thank you, Arlington, for showing us what being a City of Kindness is all about! Inspired by Arlington? Keep up their good work and post your kind acts here.

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