Kindness for Australia

This last week highlighted some serious sadness and destruction taking place in Australia. With fires growing quickly in size, many Australians have lost their homes and loved ones. Animals and humans alike have been fleeing for their lives, seeking safety from the blaze.

While this news is heartbreaking, we have been simultaneously inspired by the global kindness witnessed in response to the issue. People have banded together all over the world, willing to do whatever they can to help those at the front lines fighting the fires. Many have stepped up, organizing drives for food and supplies to ensure that those who lost their homes have their basic needs met. Others have sought out ways to help fire-fighters, providing meals and offering support to their families. Organizations and groups of brave people have literally been running into the flames to save the billions of animals that are in danger. Even celebrities have been using their influence to promote the issue, leading by example through personal donations and suggesting that others do the same.

Celeste Barber’s Fundraiser

Australian comedian Celeste Barber started a fundraiser for the fire-fighters serving in Australia. Barber’s fundraiser raised $45 million and counting since opening to the public on January 3rd, 2020. While celebrities have made large donations, the vast majority of donations adding up to this giant total have been made by people around the world, donating an average of $10. Every bit counts and every kind act adds up! Barber’s fundraiser is predicted to reach its goal of $50 million very soon!

Celebrity Donations to Support Australia

Since the bush fires in Australia have made it to mainstream news, people all over the world have experienced a collective feeling of alarm as well as a desire to help. It has been inspiring to watch celebrities and influencers lead by example to support Australia. Many big names have publicly pledged generous donations to the cause, urging still others to do the same. Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban donated a total of $500,000, as did singer Pink. Chris Helmsworth recently announced his donation of $1 million, reminding others that every bit counts and all support make a difference. Even Leonardo DiCaprio announced that his nonprofit is pledging to donate $3 million towards helping the firefighters, communities, and animals affected, as well as to support restoration projects. And that’s only to name a few!

Irwin Family and Animal Rescue

Not only have the Australian bushfires been devastating to humans, but they have also put animals in great danger, killing an estimated half-billion and counting. Luckily, people like the Irwin family exist in the world, committed to rescuing animals and bringing them back to health. Terri Irwin’s Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital has been working tirelessly to care for animals that have been injured in the flames. Not only are volunteers helping on-site around the clock, but they are also personally saving animals that are trapped or too hurt to save themselves. Pretty incredible, right?

Kindness Adds Up

It’s stories like these that remind us we are absolutely capable of creating real change in the world, simply by choosing kindness. No good deed is too small. Every act of kindness adds up. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the fires in Australia. What’s happening around the world in response to this tragedy is proof of the effect that unified kindness can have. Let’s work together to keep support for Australia flowing!


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