Kindness Spotlight: For The Good Co.

We love seeing new businesses opening with kindness in mind. So naturally, when we stumbled upon the ‘For The Good Co.’ brand, we had to give them a shout! For The Good was created ‘for sharing uplifting messages and stories with the intention to inspire and impact people in a deeper, meaningful way.” Towards their mission, For The Good has started a podcast, opened a shop, and offers hosted events. As if their entire platform wasn’t kind enough, they have even committed themselves to donate 10% of proceeds in support of mental health charities and organizations across the globe. 

For The Good

The For The Good community was founded in 2018 by Jordan and Ashley Surma. The Surmas explain, “We started For The Good because we believe in a world that revolves around gratitude, kindness, and love.” They go on to state, “In order to cultivate a society that focuses on the good, we must start as individuals.”

Throughout their journey, the Surmas have found ways to promote their values in their own lives, while also motivating others to join them on their quest for kindness. One of the ways in which they have done this is through their For The Good podcast and social media channels. The Surmas have dedicated their use of these platforms to sharing “empowering stories and messages.” In doing so, they hope to create a shift in themselves and their followers, as they work together on self-development and self-discovery. 

When discussing For The Good, the Surmas state, “This community is more than positivity and inspiration, it is about hope, healing, and creating a healthier, happier version of self. 

The Shop

Aside from teaching mindset techniques to improve quality of life and boost kindness via their podcast, the Surmas have made it easy to spread positivity with their For The Good collection, available at their online shop!

At the For The Good shop, you will find adorable clothing items and gratitude journals touting inspiring messages, including “Be a Kind Human,” “Good Things Are Coming,” and, “Make Today Count.” And, as stated above, 10% of proceeds are donated to mental health organizations around the world! 

The hope is that with each purchase, customers ‘feel the good’, knowing that they are supporting a good cause while also doing their part to keep “putting good vibes out into the world.” 

To the Surmas and the whole For The Good Team, thank you for your dedication to spreading kindness and for the reminder that all things good start from within.

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