Kindness Takes Flight

Random acts of kindness are passed from one person to another through Butterfly Coins. Ron Hornbacker and his friend, Bruce Pedersen, started the Butterfly Coin project, where participants receive a physical token that can be passed from one person to another spreading kindness.

The brass coins, which have an image of a butterfly on them, share a message on the back like, “Do good and fly on!” and “This coin spreads kindness.” The butterfly coins also have a unique code on them, allowing recipients to log their kind acts as they perform them and pass them on to the next person. This way, you can follow all the kind acts that each coin has inspired.

Herald Net quotes Ron, “’Bruce had a physical token in mind, like a poker chip or coin, but wasn’t sure about the message that should be on it,’ Hornbaker said. ‘We came down to kindness. That’s something that’s universal and something we could feel really good about spending time on. I like to spend time on things that make me feel good and that make other people feel good.’”

Since the coins are tracked, you can also see how far the coins travel. Ron continued to tell the Herald Net, “’We never know who is gonna leave the note. It might make several stops in between, but when they do, we can see it on the map. We see the story…’”

Just a few of the kind acts on the Butterfly Coins website include:

  • Gifting a pedicure
  • Giving random gifts to children at theme parks
  • Providing tech support to a neighbor
  • Paying for drinks and sharing good conversation on a train ride
  • Emotional support and encouragement from a friend
  • Purchasing a meal for a homeless man

It’s incredible to see how two friends can start a movement and inspire kindness in others. As each kind act travels with each recipient of a Butterfly Coin, kindness is spread throughout the country, and even the world!

Do you have a Butterfly Coin or have you tracked your kind act online? Head over to our website to add your kind acts to our kindness counter, and don’t forget – Do good and fly on!

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