The Sound of Kindness!

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of kindness, through podcasts, that is! If you’re looking for some easy (and inspiring) listening, we’ve got a playlist for you. On your morning commute, at the gym or just around the house, these good news podcasts are sure to brighten your day. Plus, hearing about all the kind acts others are doing might put you in the mood to spread some kindness too.

The Kindness Podcast
Here’s what we know: “Nicole Phillips is a champion for using kindness to overcome all of life’s difficulties, including her own battle with breast cancer. She spreads the message of the healing power of kindness through her public speaking and weekly column, Kindness is Contagious, which runs in newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota. She is also the author of the book, Kindness is Contagious: 100 Stories to Remind You God is Good and So are Most People.”

The Science of Happiness
v “Learn research-tested strategies for a happier, more meaningful life, drawing on the science of compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, and awe. Hosted by award-winning professor Dacher Keltner. Co-produced by PRI and UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.”

Connect Kindness Podcast
Here’s what we know: “Our mission is to connect people with nonprofit organizations to inspire kindness. By featuring the founders and directors of the organizations on our podcast, our listeners can learn more about the nonprofits and their cause.”

Sincerely, Hueman: Stories of Kindness and Doing Good
Here’s what we know:  “Kindness has many faces. This narrative podcast tells you all about them. Sincerely, Human features the diverse, vivid lives of humans you should know — and their stories of doing good in the modern age.”

The Kindness Project
Here’s what we know: “The kindness project is an audio exploration of how we can all be a little bit kinder to each other. Hosted by father and daughter team Chris and Charlotte.”

Your Daily Dose of Awesome
Here’s what we know: “Your Daily Dose of Awesome is hosted by Cyndi Liming. She’s a mom, wife, teacher, and lover of life. She loves to spread positivity and enjoys making people laugh and smile. She’s here to share how thinking and spreading optimism and awesomeness has changed her life, and to give listeners tips on how to spread awesomeness into every aspect of life. If you’re tired of negativity and would like to spread more awesomeness in a playful way then this podcast is for you!”

Limelight Highlight
Here’s what we know: “The Limelight Highlight is hosted by Jonathan Rosario and is tailored to focus on all things positive such as news, random acts of kindness, and Highlighting nonprofit organizations. The podcast will also host guests to speak about the good they are doing in their community, or the world to make a positive impact on the world around them and how they are making it a better place. The podcast is meant to bring awareness to problems and how people from all over are addressing those problems and coming up with solutions to change the world for the better.”

We hope you’ve got your headphones ready for some of these kindness podcasts. Share any kind acts these podcasts inspire and make sure to add them to our Kindness Counter!

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