Spark Kindness with Your Spring Cleaning

You’ve probably heard about the popular Netflix show Tidying Up with organization guru Marie Kondo. If you haven’t seen the show, Kondo uses her own organization and decluttering process, the KonMari method, to help people clean up their homes and bring order to their physical space. It’s like spring cleaning on overdrive. Part of the process is determining what to keep, selecting only those items that “spark joy” for the participants.

As the show follows her clients on their cleaning path, many of them find that they don’t need multiple sets of measuring cups, unworn clothes or older items uncovered in their garages. When items are selected to be let go, Kondo encourages her clients to thank these items for their service. She brings this element of kindness into the process which really helps people connect with what they’re removing from the space and be grateful for what they have.

If you’re jumping on the KonMari train or just looking forward to getting a small amount of spring cleaning done, don’t miss out on these great opportunities for kindness:

Donate – Give new life to those items that you don’t need but are still in good condition. Take any kitchen items, clothes, shoes or miscellaneous items to Goodwill, a homeless shelter or other organization that can make good use of these still functioning items.

Recycle – Recycle old items, especially electronics, to be kind to the environment. While they may not be usable now, they could be broken down and used again in new products, helping reduce waste along the way.

Upcycle – If you’ve found some items that aren’t usable anymore for their original intent but could be used for something else, put them to work! This reduces waste and breathes new life into your items. Have you used a candle and all that’s left is the beautiful glass container? Try washing this out and making it a pot for a plant, a fancy serving bowl or a tidy home for keys!

Teach sharing – Children can learn a lot about kindness from the spring-cleaning process. Help them go through their items. Find any clothes or toys that they’ve outgrown? This is a prime opportunity to teach about the power of donating and sharing. Explain how a younger sibling, neighbor or donation center will appreciate these items. Or, perhaps your kids are at an age where the toys they enjoy are similar, help them select toys to share and reduce clutter in the play area.

Whether you are being kind to others through donations, being kind to the environment through recycling or upcycling, or teaching kindness through sharing and donation to children, spring cleaning has lots of opportunities to be kind.

What kind acts will your spring cleaning process inspire? Don’t forget to tell us about your spring-cleaning and add your kind acts to our kindness counter!

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