It’s a Sign! Kindness in Eugene is Here to Stay

This group wants kindness to be a sign of the times. The Spreading Kindness Campaign is a “grassroots citizen’s initiative to create a culture of kindness in Eugene/Springfield, one small act of kindness at a time.” It seems like the message is taking root! A recent article in The Register-Guard shares how it all started with the organization’s “Choose Kindness” signs.

Residents all over Eugene, Oregon, may have noticed that these signs urging people to choose kindness have been popping up everywhere. At local schools, churches and businesses, the signs are making an appearance, encouraging citizens to “Choose Kindness” and fostering small acts of kindness throughout the city. The Spreading Kindness Campaign has handed out close to 1,000 signs, plus bumper stickers and cards.

Doug Carnine is a coordinator for the campaign and The Register-Guard quotes him saying, “’The goal is to make kindness more prominent in people’s minds. We want to uplift people through kindness.’” Carnine’s hope is that reminding folks to be kind will create a ripple effect, making kindness become second nature for the community. Carnine added, “’This is about changing culture.’”

The signs are really taking off! Rev. Tom English of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church added a sign decorated by the Sunday school class to the church’s front yard and made 50 signs available to parishioners if they wanted to place a sign in their yards as well. By the end of the service all 50 had found new homes. The Register-Guard quotes Rev. English, “’It was an easy sell for me. My gosh, what’s not to like about being kind?’” Rev. English has even joined the campaign’s steering committee!

In November, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis is hosting an event to celebrate Eugene’s kindness efforts. City of Kindness’ Founder and Former Anaheim, CA Mayor Tom Tait will attend at Mayor Vinis’ invitation to learn more about kindness in Eugene.

Thank you, Eugene, for giving us a sign that kindness is thriving! We’re so proud of all you’ve done and look forward to seeing you at your November kindness event! Keep up the good work and post your kind acts here.

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