Garner-ing Kindness

When you think of Jennifer Garner, you probably think of her acting career and her notable roles in movies such as Pearl Harbor, Juno, 13 Going on 30 and Butter. Recently the actress has taken on another important role – promoting kindness!

As reported by People, Garner wants to put a spotlight on the simple acts of kindness that happen every day. In order to do this, she’s teamed up with Walmart to start the #SparkKindness initiative. The idea being that even a small act of kindness can spread joy and make the world a better place. Walmart will not only be funding kind acts, but also sending their employees out into communities to perform their own acts of kindness. According to the Walmart website, their Associates will be “granted resources to perform their own acts of kindness. They’ll be empowered to choose projects that are most impactful in their local communities.”

For the #SparkKindness launch, Garner and Walmart visited a school in Alpaugh, Calif., that has a program run by Save the Children. Together they cleaned up the school grounds as well as planted a garden for the children to enjoy. The Walmart website features a video of the Alpaugh Save the Children Community Space being created, and the website quotes Garner saying, “’We’re here to help day after day, year after year, to better our communities that we call home.’”

Garner is posting to her own Instagram as well, hoping to inspire her followers to join in the movement. Delish referenced her post and in it Garner shared, “I can’t tell you how great it felt to leave behind a gathering place for a community I know can use a little love.”

The actress is encouraging people to post about their kind acts, or acts of kindness they’ve experienced, with the hashtag #SparkKindness. People quotes Garner discussing the type of kindness she’s hoping to see from the movement, “’The smallest acts—picking up trash at a local park, volunteering at a shelter, buying a cup of coffee for someone who needs it—make the world a happier, more gentle place.’” Garner added, “’Kindness is contagious, truly. I can’t wait to see what happens.’”

Will you join Jennifer Garner and Walmart in posting your kind acts with the #SparkKindness hashtag? Remember to also add them to our kindness counter!

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