Parents will Love You for These Kind Acts

August is National Breastfeeding Month, so we’ve decided to suggest tips that are helpful when a bundle of joy has arrived…it’s a cause for celebration and a wonderful time to show kindness! Whether this is a couple’s first child or not their first rodeo, this can be an overwhelming and exhausting time, especially for moms who are also trying to recover from bringing their new addition into the world. Here are some kind acts you can do for the parents of a newborn.

Drop off dinner – Parents of a newborn are often exhausted, and the last thing on their mind is planning ahead for food. Help out parents by dropping off a delicious and healthy meal—either homecooked or takeout—and let the family enjoy a quiet night without having to cook.

Do the dishes – Are you visiting to meet the new addition and notice that the pile of plates is getting rather high? Don’t even ask—just throw on some dish gloves and get to work! Trust us, this small deed is invaluable.

Run a load of laundry –Between spit up, drool and diaper changes, a new baby can go through tons of outfits and, without a doubt, laundry will pile up. If you’re visiting, offer to run a load of wash for them. This task is especially helpful if parents have to go to a laundromat or laundry room. Just gather up what you can and tell them you’ll be back with their fresh clothes in a bit!

Offer to babysit – A newborn requires a lot of attention, and parents can start to lose their special connection with each other. However, once the baby is a little older and can be away from mom and dad for a few hours, it might be nice for parents to have time to reconnect. Give new parents a much-deserved night out and offer to babysit for free!

Bring diapers – Diapers are both vital and costly for a new baby, who can go through a lot of them! If you can afford to drop off a package of diapers every now and then, your kindness will take a load off parents’ pocketbooks. Remember to ask what brand and size they prefer before purchase because babies’ rapid growth can make stocking up a challenge!

Be understanding – Babies have a mind of their own when it comes to napping or diaper disasters, so getting out of the house on time can be a frazzling experience for parents. If you have plans to get together and an infant is involved, be patient and understanding if parents are running behind or they ask to push back the meet-up time.

Ask what they need – Sometimes people are afraid to ask for help. Instead of making them come to you, reach out and ask if they need anything. This gesture is especially kind after the first few weeks when other friends and family aren’t around as much to help.

Do you know someone expecting or whose family just grew? Which of these kind acts will you perform to celebrate the joyous new arrival? Remember to add your kind acts to our kindness counter!

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